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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 E

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Eades, James Ray, Marinda 19 Feb 1824 Tuscaloosa
Eanrich, Michael Ferguson, Patsey 29 Jan 1810 Madison
Earle, George W. Birdsong, Lucy 5 Nov 1820 Marengo
Earp, William Vaughan, Betsy 21 Sep 1823 Lawrence
Earp, William Watkins, Matilda 16 May 1818 Marengo
Earskin, Alexander Russel, Susay C. 28 Jun 1820 Madison
Easley, Daniel Brindley, Eudora 12 Aug 1823 Blount
Easley, Daniel Plant, Elizabeth 13 Oct 1819 Lawrence
Easley, Edward Walker, Milly 12 Mar 1815 Clarke
Easley, John Wilson, Fanny 14 Oct 1825 Clarke
Easley, Millington Plant, Nancy 28 Aug 1819 Lawrence
Easley, Warham Noble, Milly 12 Sep 1823 Clarke
Easley, Weldon Foundling, Narcisa 26 Aug 1820 Clarke
Eason, William Lanier, Ann 24 Nov 1820 Madison
Eason, William Roote, Ann Lavinia 26 Nov 1820 Madison
East, Bladden White, Mary 12 Jun 1820 Blount
Easter, Champion Walker, Martha J. 26 Aug 1822 Madison
Easters, Andrew Hendon, Margaret 17 Sep 1820 Jefferson
Eastlin, Thomas Gayle, Lucinda 11 Nov 1815 Baldwin
Eastland, Alfred Petty, Eliza W. 4 Jun 1825 Madison
Easton, James W. Runno, Polly 29 Mar 1816 Madison
Eaves, John Stewart, Polly 5 Aug 1823 Lauderdale
Ebenezer, Newton Lee, Nancy 14 Mar 1821 St. Clair
Eccles, William White, Nancy 9 Dec 1824 Wilcox
Echols, Samuel W. Hatley, Elizabeth 7 Dec 1822 Lawrence
Eckford, John Fisher, Elizabeth 20 Nov 1816 Madison
Eddins, Benjamin Hains, Spedy 24 Mar 1818 Madison
Edge, Thomas Cobb, Ressy 15 Feb 1821 Madison
Edgings, Washington Vaughn, Mary A. 26 Sep 1824 Morgan
Edmunds, Lewis Rinalds, Susannah 19 Jun 1813 Madison
Edwards, David Logan, Mary 19 Oct 1819 Dallas
Edwards, Dabney Griffin, Susannah 25 Jun 1815 Clarke
Edwards, Isaac Riddle, Lidia 7 Nov 1823 Greene
Edwards, James Hightower, Eliza 3 Nov 1824 Mobile
Edwards, Jesse Caltern, Elizabeth 14 Mar 1820 Blount
Edwards, John Craft, Sally 23 Jun 1815 Madison
Edwards, John Rountree, Jane P. 4 Dec 1823 Madison
Edwards, John Wilson, Agnes 24 Mar 1822 Morgan
Edwards, John J. Medford, Jane 30 Jun 1825 Madison
Edwards, Joseph Carlton, Lydia 22 Jul 1824 Blount
Edwards, Joseph Odom, Mezury 15 Aug 1822 Clarke
Edwards, Reps Wrenn, Anne 25 May 1825 Greene
Edwards, Rigdon Powell, Sarah 2 Apr 1822 Montgomery
Edwards, Stephen Cox, Catey 6 Dec 1821 Clarke
Edwards, William Bletcher, Polly 8 Dec 1817 Madison
Edwards, William Couch, Nicy 14 Mar 1819 Madison
Edwards, William Odom, Haner 17 Jan 1825 Clarke
Edwards, William J. Miller, Eliza Ann 29 Dec 1825 Montgomery
Eggers, John H. Webster, Nancy 3 Apr 1823 Madison
Eggleston, Samuel Elem, Caroline 22 Feb 1825 Madison
Elland, Ovid C. Ford, Henrietta 2 Dec 1821 Perry
Elam, George Brumby, Jane 25 May 1820 Lawrence
Elam, James Laughlin, Jemima 6 Jan 1820 Lawrence
Elam, Jonathan Jishbel, Clarracy 22 Nov 1818 Lawrence
Elder, Andrew Burleston, Elizabeth 30 Mar 1814 Madison
Elder, John Thrasher, Elizabeth 29 Apr 1824 St. Clair
Eldridge, Hardy Boggan, Elizabeth 2 Jun 1825 Wilcox
Eldridge, John B. Browning, Elizabeth M. 9 Feb 1825 Madison
Elgon, John Norment, Nancy 6 May 1824 Lawrence
Elison, Moses Johnson, Scyntha 23 Feb 1822 Montgomery
Elkin, Spencer W. Boullin, Martha P. T. 25 May 1824 Madison
Elkins, William Wisdom, Martha 22 Jan 1825 Marengo
Ellard, Aaron Daniel, Polly 6 Mar 1821 Jefferson
Ellett, Amos Hale, Nancy 12 Sep 1812 Madison
Ellett, Edmond McDaniel, Jane 12 Dec 1825 Madison
Ellett, William Haile, Polly 20 Jul 1813 Madison
Elliot, Arthur K. Work, Tabitha 2 May 1822 Dallas
Elliot, Jesse Malone, Elizabeth 1 Apr 1823 Morgan
Elliott, Hezekiah H. Parham, Polly 16 Mar 1824 Blount
Elliott, John Rains, Margaret 23 Nov 1818 Baldwin
Elliott, John H. Brown, Esther 22 Dec 1825 Jefferson
Elliott, Robert Elliott, Elizabeth 25 Jul 1822 Lawrence
Elliott, Willis Carter, Patsey 3 May 1819 Madison
Ellis, Benjamin Murphree, Nancy 27 Jul 1821 Blount
Ellis, Bradock Grigsby, Milicent D. 2 Feb 1823 Bibb
Ellis, Edward Tobin, May 23 Sep 1817 Madison
Ellis, Ezekiel Mackey, Peggy 2 Feb 1821 Blount
Ellis, Henry A. Murray, Virginia 11 Mar 1824 Morgan
Ellis, Ira Chambers, Elizabeth 1 Dec 1825 Blount
Ellis, John Carroll, Culey 26 Sep 1814 Madison
Ellis, Theophilus Tutt, Nancy 5 Feb 1825 Greene
Ellis, Thomas Filpot, Kitty 31 Aug 1823 Bibb
Ellison, Jesse Stuart, Isabella 18 Dec 1823 Morgan
Ellison, Joseph B. Wasson, Polly 6 Jan 1817 Madison
Ellison, Robert Ernest, Sally 22 Jan 1819 Madison
Ellison, William Powers, Rebecca 6 Nov 1821 Madison
Elrod, Adam McCarley, Jane 24 Jul 1821 Morgan
Elzey, William McCartney, Sally 27 Nov 1822 Madison
Emerson, William S. Darden, Sarah 17 Oct 1825 Tuscaloosa
Emily, Andre Snyder, Risit 15 Mar 1825 Mobile
England, Landy Barnes, Martha Ann 24 Aug 1825 Blount
Engle, William Berry, Sally 27 Jan 1825 Blount
English, Abraham Sanders, Nancy 27 Nov 1823 Lauderdale
English, John Huggins, Elizabeth 19 Oct 1820 Lauderdale
English, John Nabors, Jane 23 Dec 1824 Jefferson
English, William Robertson, Winny 19 Nov 1818 Lauderdale
English, Wilson Humbrill, Sally 19 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Ennis, Cornelius Graves, Adessa 3 Jun 1821 Lauderdale
Epes, Hamlin Auld, Mary Ann E. 1 Dec 1825 Madison
Epperson, John Conway, Nancy 24 Nov 1823 Morgan
Erst, William Bates, Maria 16 Dec 1820 Mobile
Ervin, Samuel Gullett, Mary A. Mrs. 11 Jul 1820 Wilcox
Erwin, William Young, Mima 30 May 1820 Lawrence
Eskridge, Samuel Pettigrew, Jane 3 Sep 1825 Greene
Espejo, Antoine Sharpin, Mary 11 Apr 1825 Mobile
Essary, Sampson McVay, Sally 14 Jan 1821 Lawrence
Estell, Frederick Lea, Nancy 11 Aug 1825 Lauderdale
Estes, John Standifer, Susan H. 31 Jan 1821 Madison
Estes, Robert King, Mary 23 Nov 1821 Madison
Estes, Shelton Crawford, Betsy 5 Apr 1820 Dallas
Estes, William White, Sarah 23 May 1819 Clarke
Estill, Henderson McWorter, Rodah 5 Nov 1818 Madison
Estill, Isaac Maloy, F. 29 Feb 1812 Madison
Evans, Charles B. Davidson, Alley 11 Aug 1818 Mobile
Evans, David A. Bearden, Betsey 15 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Evans, Ephraim Andrews, Sally S. 6 Dec 1819 Madison
Evans, Henry Brand, Sally 13 May 1815 Madison
Evans, James Lyon, Rachel 13 Feb 1824 Tuscaloosa
Evans, James Jr. Elam, Pherryba 30 Jun 1820 Lawrence
Evans, Jesse Petty, Amy 10 Apr 1821 Lauderdale
Evans, Jesse Pride, Ruthy 15 Oct 1824 Morgan
Evans, John Roberts, Mourning 1 Jan 1825 Greene
Evans, John R. Vinny, Martha H. 30 Dec 1819 Madison
Evans, Joseph Smith, Rebecca 26 Jun 1816 Madison
Evans, Josiah Denson, Mary 15 Jan 1818 Madison
Evans, Jubal Peaglan, Mary 2 Jun 1822 Montgomery
Evans, Lemuel Normine, Susannah 13 Jun 1816 Madison
Evans, Lorenzo D. Rice, Phoeba 26 Jan 1825 Morgan
Evans, Nathaniel Pride, Jane 29 Jan 1818 Madison
Evans, Samuel French, Sarah 19 Mar 1818 Madison
Evans, Solomon Manuel, Delitha 26 Sep 1823 Perry
Evans, Stephen Sinkfield, Tabitha 12 Aug 1815 Clarke
Evans, Thomas Campbell, Elizabeth 26 Sep 1811 Madison
Evans, Thomas Houghton, Louisa 18 Mar 1812 Madison
Evans, William Harrison, Ophelia 9 Dec 1816 Madison
Evans, William Palmer, Susan 10 Feb 1821 Madison
Eves, Bartlett Thompson, Mariah 27 Dec 1818 Montgomery
Eves, John Crum, Malinda 7 Feb 1820 Lauderdale
Ewing, Joseph McWhorter, Rebecca 5 Dec 1820 Madison
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