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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 Gr

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Grace, James H. Cawthorn, Martha 2 Sep 1823 Henry
Gragg, Burrell Jacks, Sabary 4 Nov 1824 Jefferson
Gragg, John Bigham, Sarah 24 Sep 1818 Lawrence
Gragg, Nathan Camp, Sarah 21 Nov 1822 Lawrence
Graham, Archibald Read, Ellen Eliza 5 Feb 1821 Blount
Graham, Elijah Hereld, Rachel 28 Apr 1820 Lawrence
Graham, James B. Caley, Elizabeth 17 Jan 1822 Morgan
Graham, John Lewis, Silvey 29 Oct 1817 Madison
Graham, Joshua Moore, Polly 7 Feb 1824 Jefferson
Graham, Ransom Flannegan, Dovey 12 Feb 1824 Jefferson
Graham, Samuel W. Browning, Mary H. 24 Mar 1825 Montgomery
Graham, Thomas McCrory Sarah 21 Jun 1825 Greene
Graham, Thomas White, Polly 27 Jan 1824 Lauderdale
Graham, William Foster, Sarah 30 May 1822 Montgomery
Graham, William Staggs, Rebecca 30 Jan 1820 Jefferson
Granhead, Jonathan Meachard, Nancy 12 Jul 1814 Madison
Grant, James West, Jane 3 Nov 1821 Morgan
Grant, John Valiant, Martha 11 Mar 1824 Madison
Grant, Michael Grant, Elizabeth 12 Dec 1817 Madison
Grantland, Thomas B. Powell, Ann E. 24 Dec 1816 Madison
Graves, _____ Dr. Alred, Sally 1 Mar 1819 Jefferson
Graves, _____ Dr. Gatewood, Lutetia 15 Mar 1824 Blount
Graves, Abner Allen, Susan 17 Feb 1825 Montgomery
Graves, Alexander Sanders, Lilious 18 Nov 1823 Blount
Graves, Hiram Brown, Judy 7 Dec 1824 Blount
Graves, James W. Moats, Rutha 22 Jun 1820 Montgomery
Graves, John Chany, Lydia 4 Oct 1825 Blount
Graves, Vincent C. Mastin, Portia 23 Jul 1814 Madison
Graves, William Stacy, Rebecca 12 Apr 1824 Madison
Gravitt, Jessee East, Polly C. 16 Feb 1818 Madison
Gray, Arthur A. McCarter, Susanna B. 8 Dec 1824 Greene
Gray, Ephraim Cooper, Elizabeth 13 Feb 1823 Madison
Gray, Howell Aldridge, Elizabeth 10 Apr 1823 Morgan
Gray, James Milligan, Jane 12 Aug 1817 Madison
Gray, James Quaddlebum, Pheaba 19 Jan 1823 Henry
Gray, John Davis, Lucretia 23 Dec 1819 Jefferson
Gray, John Robinson, Nancy 5 Nov 1821 Lauderdale
Gray, John H. Campbell, Malinda 11 Sep 1822 Morgan
Gray, John W. Howson, Sally 7 Mar 1811 Madison
Gray, Parker Bullard, Patsy 12 May 1822 Montgomery
Gray, Robert Stone, Martha 25 Dec 1823 Tuscaloosa
Gray, Thomas Inge, Ann R. 12 Nov 1825 Greene
Gray, William Watts, Martha 5 Aug 1819 Jefferson
Gray, William Sr. Neal, Lucy 22 Mar 1824 Madison
Grayson, Ambrose Russell, Patsey 24 Feb 1825 Madison
Grayson, Charles Craft, Elizabeth 27 Nov 1822 Madison
Grayson, George Harris, Cynthia 7 Dec 1820 Madison
Grayson, Jackson Craft, Anna 4 Jul 1825 Madison
Grayson, Ralph McCarty, Catharine 18 Jan 1824 Marengo
Grayson, Squire Erwin (Ervin), Mary Ann Mrs. 9 Apr 1825 Wilcox
Green, Absolom Green, mary 23 Feb 1824 Perry
Green, Christopher A. Lawson, Mary 6 Oct 1825 St. Clair
Green, David Vaut, Rebecca 15 Apr 1815 Madison
Green, Jacob Hearn, Lucinda 8 May 1823 Clarke
Green, James Clarke, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1824 Clarke
Green, James Heaton, Elizabeth 10 Feb 1816 Clarke
Green, Jefferson W. Clark, Patsy 8 Jun 1824 Madison
Green, Jesse McKnight, Nancy 9 Dec 1819 St. Clair
Green, Jocelin B. Nichols, Elizabeth 8 Dec 1825 Tuscaloosa
Green, John Littlepage, Nancy 18 Oct 1819  Madison
Green, John Martin, Mary 23 Dec 1822 Morgan
Green, John Pearce, Nancy 30 Oct 1822 Clarke
Green, John A. Bass, Ann 11 Feb 1819 Madison
Green, Joseph Quinn, Ellener 19 Jun 1823 St. Clair
Green, Josiah Ducksworth, Ruth W. 27 Jan 1825 Tuscaloosa
Green, Lodowick Kelly, Margaret 15 Jan 1825 Wilcox
Green, Nathan Hancock, Nancy 5 Apr 1817 Madison
Green, Samuel Fowler, Martha 27 Sep 1824 Madison
Green, William Crump, Drusilla Perry 5 Jan 1820 St. Clair
Green, William Crump, Milly 22 Jul 1822 St. Clair
Green, William Ray, Agnes 5 May 1816 Clarke
Greene, Elisha Greene, Malinda 13 Sep 1823 Morgan
Greene, John H. Meredith, Lucy Ann 10 Nov 1821 Morgan
Greene, Thomas Dunn, Sarah 12 Sep 1825 Morgan
Greene, William F. Davis, Sarah 19 Jun 1823 Dallas
Greenhill, John Martin, Peg 4 Dec 1823 Lauderdale
Greenlee, John McKnight, Mary Ann 21 Aug 1823 St. Clair
Greenlen, Henry Shoemaker, Catherine 3 Sep 1822 St. Clair
Greer, Andrew Goode, Maranda 30 Jan 1820 Jefferson
Greer, James Hammon, Susanah 2 Jun 1822 Lauderdale
Greer, Thomas Pannon, Elizabeth 18 Dec 1822 Lauderdale
Gregg, Harvey Murrell, Poly 23 May 1815 Madison
Gregory, William Parker, Susannah 27 Mar 1822 Montgomery
Gresham, Benjamin Griffin, Nancy 15 Jan 1824 Lauderdale
Grice, Carpenter Davis, Martha 18 Dec 1823 Dallas
Grice, Stephen Leach, Essa 7 Mar 1819 Clarke
Griffin, Bird Autery, Abira 23 Feb 1824 Perry
Griffin, Dempsey Mitchell, Sarah 22 Jul 1824 Tuscaloosa
Griffin, George Thompson, Elizabeth 29 Apr 1819 Madison
Griffin, George Wortham Griffin, Amanda 23 May 1824 Montgomery
Griffin, Isaac Carmack, Margaret 5 Sep 1820 Bibb
Griffin, Jessee Brooks, Sarah 19 Jun 1825 Lauderdale
Griffin, Jocomb William, Temperence 10 May 1823 Lauderdale
Griffin, John Redman, Darkis 6 Aug 1822 Bibb
Griffin, Joseph Davis, Charity 9 Mar 1820 Madison
Griffin, Nathan W. Williams, Catharine 12 Jul 1818 Madison
Griffin, Owens Perryman, Lucinda 2 Sep 1824 Lauderdale
Griffin, Robert W. Caddell, Nancy 18 Feb 1822 Bibb
Griffin, Samuel Griffin, Elizabeth Ann 7 Jul 1825 Montgomery
Griffith, Abel Ingram, Polly 24 Jun 1824 Madison
Griffith, William Power, Nelly 17 Oct 1818 Madison
Griggs, James Gray, Sally 27 Nov 1816 Madison
Griggsby, Uriah Marsh, Catherine 4 Mar 1824 Wilcox
Grigsby, Samuel M. Green, Sally 17 Sep 1820 Marengo
Grimage, Thomas Tigner, Wilmuth 17 Aug 1824 St. Clair
Grimes, John Sawyer, Naoma 28 Sep 1825 Wilcox
Grimes, Nicholas T. Teasley, Elizabeth 14 Oct 1821 Lawrence
Grimes, Wiley Coleson, Elizabeth 25 Nov 1824 Wilcox
Grimmage, John Tignor, Martha 25 Dec 1825 St. Clair
Grimmett, Abraham Holt, Elizabeth 13 Dec 1821 Jefferson
Grinete, William Wier, Jane 28 Oct 1819 St. Clair
Grisham, James R. Ballard, Sally E. 8 Jul 1825 Madison
Grissom, Benjamin P. Perryman, Jane 5 Mar 1823 Lauderdale
Grissom, Greenberrey Coker, Ann 21 Sep 1820 Bibb
Grissom, Jesse N. Whitehead, Gracy 24 Jan 1824 Lauderdale
Grissom, Philemon Foiles, Delilah 19 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Grissom, Thomas N. Richardson, Polly 22 Jan 1821 Lauderdale
Grissom, Wilson Smith, Christine 10 Apr 1825 Lauderdale
Grizzle, Daniel Burgess, Polly 23 Jan 1825 Tuscaloosa
Ground, Benjamin Priest, Dolly 11 Dec 11812 Madison
Grove, William S. Sullivan, Nancy 13 Dec 1820 Madison
Grower, George Porter, Sophia 24 Dec 1824 Marengo
Grumbles, John Benjamin Grumbles, Nancy 1 Aug 1822 Dallas
Grumbles, William Covington, Nancy 4 Dec 1823 Dallas
Guilliams, George McDowell, Emelline 15 Jun 1823 Madison
Guinn, Lancelot Read, Matilda 22 Nov 1822 Morgan
Gullett, Richard Bell, Lucinda 22 Jul 1824 Madison
Gullick, Washington Hathcock, Elizabeth 25 Mar 1823 Madison
Gunnison, Henry Juzan, Louisa 14 May 1825 Mobile
Gurland, William Steele, Nancy 1 Nov 1823 Morgan
Gurley, David Smith, Patience B. 8 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Gurley, John Huffstutler, Polly 25 Oct 1823 Blount
Gurlote, Joseph Ladnear, Caroline 17 Feb 1824 Mobile
Guthree, Samuel Mathers, Margaret 4 Nov 1821 Jefferson
Guttery, William Rogers, Martha 21 Dec 1823 Tuscaloosa
Gwinn, James Broiles, Sally 17 Oct 1818 Madison
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