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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 A-Am

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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_____, Amos Parth, Nancy 2 Feb 1819 Lauderdale
_____, William _____, Matilda 21 Jun 1820 St. Clair
Aaron, Samuel Thompson, Mary R. 8 Jun 1825 Baldwin
Abbot, William Tubbs, Fanney 13 Dec 1820  Shelby
Abbott, Benjamin Winfrey, Jane 21 Mar 1820 Madison
Abernathy, John T. Ellitt, Sarah 7 Dec 1822 Madison
Abernathy, Samuel Abernathy, Eleanor 18 Aug 1825 Jefferson
Abston, Washington Parmer, Nancy 01 Aug 1821 Shelby
Acklen, Edward Derrick, Mary Ann 12 Feb 1824 Madison
Adair, John Myers, Saray 9 Mar 1814 Madison
Adair, William I. Jones, Martha 28 Sep 1819 Madison
Adams, Alfred Leopard, Abigail 15 Aug 1825 Dallas
Adams, Berryman Eskridge, Nancy 1 Jul 1825 Clarke
Adams, Daniel Johnston, Sarah 15 Mar 1825 Bibb
Adams, Elias Potter, Betsy 12 May 1822 Jefferson
Adams, Elrod McClusky, Jane 24 Jul 1821 Morgan
Adams, Henry Sorell, Rebecca 24 Jun 1824 Dallas
Adams, Hillary Counts, Sally 14 Apr 1824 Jefferson
Adams, Isaac Red, Milley 4 Sep 1820 Clarke
Adams, James Sapp, Christine 2 Oct 1821 Henry
Adams, James Wright, Margarette 30 Jan 1825 Tuscaloosa
Adams, James C. Bohannon, Caroline 3 Jan 1825 Greene
Adams, Joel Roland, Mary 12 Sep 1823 Henry
Adams, John Pittman, Gracy 10 Feb 1825 Henry
Adams, Joshua Smoot, Jammima P. 30 Dec 1824 Madison
Adams, Samuel Bryant, Polly 1 Jul 1825 Lauderdale
Adams, Thomas Kelly, Nancy 4 Mar 1824 Marengo
Adams, Wesley Caffey, Rebecca 21 Jul 1825 Montgomery
Adams, William Krum, Amy 14 Sep 1819 Lauderdale
Adams, William K. Brown, Sophia 26 Jun 1822 Madison
Adamson, John C. Pennington, Nancy R. 22 Jun 1819 Montgomery
Adare, James Graves, Caty 7 May 1809 Madison
Aday, John Bracken, Hannah H. 20 Apr 1820 Madison
Aday, Walter Whitworth, Nancy 18 Aug 1822 Madison
Addington, Jason Sandefer, Elizabeth 20 Jan 1825 Jefferson
Adkins, James Brown, Sally 15 Sep 1825 Blount
Adkins, Leroy Holly, Sarah 14 Apr 1825 Wilcox
Adkins, Thomas Jones, Elizabeth 17 Oct 1811 Madison
Ady, Brathein Philips, Letity 31 Aug 1813 Madison
Agart, John T. Rogers, Ann Eliza 29 Apr 1824 Madison
Agee, Hurculus Hill, Gently 26 Oct 1824 Clarke
Agee, William Henderson, Julia B. 1 Jul 1822 Lauderdale
Aiken, John G. Miles, Temperance 31 Jul 1825 Jefferson
Aiken, Samuel Bivens, Mary 19 Jul 1824 Jefferson
Aikin, William A. Noble, Elizabeth S. 15 Dec 1825 Madison
Aimes, Samuel Carney, Nancy 3 Feb 1819 Baldwin
Aite, George Gager, Roxana 6 Sep 1815 Mobile
Ake, Castleton (Dr.) Sims, Rachel 13 May 1824 Limestone
Akers, Thomas Hamm, Patsy 27 Jul 1820 Lauderdale
Akin, William H. Wedgeworth, Jane 6 Jun 1825 Greene
Akins, Isaac N. Richey, Nancy 30 Jan 1825 Bibb
Alday, Richard Love, Rebecca 17 Aug 1824 Wilcox
Aldridge, Felix Hill, Patsy 17 Dec 1817 Madison
Aldridge, Isham Kilgo, Anna 21 Nov 1822 Morgan
Aldridge, John Ferguson, Abigail 16 Dec 1821 Jefferson
Aldrige, Jesse Trewick, Tempy 29 Apr 1819 Montgomery
Alexander, Asa Ledbetter, Rebecca 10 Jul 1824 Henry
Alexander, Givens Martin, Jane 30 Sep 1821 Morgan
Alexander, James Sheffield, Betsy 6 Jul 1823 Lawrence
Alexander, James Wallace, Mary 1 Aug 1818 Lawrence
Alexander, Joseph Speaks, Nancy 14 Nov 1818 Madison
Alexander, Nathaniel McCaul, Mary 4 Jun 1822 Madison
Alexander, Noah Gandy, Eliza 27 Dec 1820 Jefferson
Alexander, Smith Langley, Polly 7 Feb 1820 St. Clair
Alford, John B. Bailey, Temperance 21 Oct 1817 Madison
Alford, John W. Roden, Leanah 16 Mar 1825 Greene
Algier, Richard H. Smith, Ann 17 Oct 1822 Wilcox
Allen, Aaron Swan, Margarett 20 Feb 1821 Montgomery
Allen, Aron Hester, Deedama 2 Apr 1820 Lawrence
Allen, Benjamin Sanders, Elizabeth 9 Nov 1825 Morgan
Allen, Coleman Spears, Rebecca 3 Jan 1819 Bibb
Allen, Darling Maddox, Caroline S. 20 Dec 1817 Madison
Allen, David Amerson, Dulany 16 Jan 1824 Montgomery
Allen, Drury Webb, Fanny 17 Jan 1821 Clarke
Allen, Eli King, Sarah 14 Jul 1823 Morgan
Allen, George T. Conley, Anne 28 Dec 1820 Lawrence
Allen, James Kimbel, Sally 15 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Allen, James M. Taylor, Jane 7 Jan 1820 Madison
Allen, Joel Root, Merab 4 Dec 1823 Madison
Allen, John Clark, Euncy 10 Dec 1822 Marengo
Allen, John Ostean, Margaret 25 Jun 1823 Jefferson
Allen, John Simmons, Ann 3 May 1825 Morgan
Allen, John A. Cabiness, Caroline C. 24 Mar 1819 Madison
Allen, Matthew G. Willburn, Frances 25 Mar 1825 Madison
Allen, Robert Bullock, Polly 22 Nov 1819 Madison
Allen, Samuel Barksdale, Patsy 30 Oct 1820 Madison
Allen, Samuel Nunnally, Racheal 7 Jul 1823 Madison
Allen, Samuel H. Arnold, Nancy 2 Sep 1817 Madison
Allen, Solomon Turner, Matilda 3 Jul 1823 Madison
Allen, Stutton F. Allen, Elizabeth S. 11 Jul 1817 Madison
Allen, William Bizzle, Catherine 22 Mar 1824 Montgomery
Allen, William Lawrence, Elizabeth 28 Feb 1816 Madison
Allen, William Webb, Tempe 18 Nov 1819 Bibb
Allen, William B. Titcomb, Sarah 12 Nov 1823 Dallas
Allin, John Harrison, Elizabeth 17 Mar 1812 Madison
Allison, James Davis, Polly 4 Apr 1814 Madison
Allison, John Cobb, Nancy 1 Dec 1825 Madison
Allison, John McDaniel, Nelly 31 Jan 1821 St. Clair
Allison, Thomas McClusky, Mary Ann 13 Feb 1818 Madison
Allison, William Criss, Polly 16 Apr 1814 Madison
Alred, Thomas Spradling, Elizabeth 7 Oct 1824 Jefferson
Alston, William J. Cade, Martha 25 Sep 1824 Marengo
Alsup, Asaph Hill, Polly 27 Feb 1818 Madison
Alvarez, Diego Weathers, Hypolitte 22 Dec 1823 Mobile
Amason, Benjamin Gardiner, Elizabeth 8 Jul 1819 Montgomery
Amoson, Amos Harbin, Nicy Marena 22 Apr 1824 Blount
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