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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 McE

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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McElderry, Thomas Boteler, Eliza 23 May 1822 Morgan
McElhaney, Moses Gaither, Sally 23 Sep 1818 Madison
McEntosh, Kenneth McClure, Matilda 25 Feb 1823 Jefferson
McFall, John A. Clark, Margaret 9 Jan 1825 Lauderdale
McFarlen, Dugald Davenport, Eliza M. 3 Mar 1825 Mobile
McGaha, James Miller, Betsey 28 Dec 1818 Madison
McGagee, Robert Bruce, Mary 14 Jul 1817 Madison
McGaughey, James H. Norton, Patsy 21 Feb 1820 Lawrence
McGee, Drury Hawkins, Mary 18 Feb 1824 Blount
McGee, Joseph Powers, Polley 5 Feb 1824 Tuscaloosa
McGee, Thomas Durphey, Mary C. 15 Dec 1824 Greene
McGee, William Berry, Polly 7 Apr 1823 Clarke
McGee, William Kennedy, Sarah 25 Dec 1820 Clarke
McGehe, Rabert Williams, Jane 6 Sep 1816 Madison
McGhea, John Murphy, Nancy 10 May 1813 Madison
McGill, John Green, Sarah 12 Nov 1824 Madison
McGinty, Alexander Wright, Elizabeth 11 Sep 1823 Perry
McGlanay, John Brinker, Catharine 13 Oct 1817 Madison
McGlaughlin, James Blackburn, Nancy 8 May 1821 Perry
McGowan, Prewell Fowler, Elizabeth 21 May 1814 Madison
McGowan, William Townsend, Betwey 2 Apr 1814 Madison
McGrady, Robert McLughlin, Rhoda 12 Feb 1824 St. Clair
McGraw, Emery Campbell, Nancy 15 May 1825 Wilcox
McGraw, Samuel K. Coe, Lutitia 4 Feb 1819 Madison
McGrew, Alexander Thomas, Elizabeth 8 Jul 1816 Clarke
McGrew, William Decostro, Mary E. 6 Sep 1824 Marengo
McGrigg, William Moses, Margaret 17 Jan 1822 Henry
McGuire, James Ghormley, Elizabeth 3 Apr 1809 Madison
McGuire, Jesse Jackson, Jane 13 Jan 1825 Blount
McGuire, Silas Henderson, Jane 30 Nov 1820 Bibb
McGuire, Timothy McGuire, Polly 22 Dec 1819 Shelby
McHaffey, Robert Harless, Nancy 1 Feb 1825 Madison
McHaffy, John Cairy, Chaney 3 Feb 1822 Madison
McIntire, James Webb, Elizabeth 18 Feb 1825 Clarke
McIntosh, William Cahonne, Margaret 16 Dec 1815 Madison
McIntyre, John Pickings, Mary 5 Dec 1816 Clarke
McKee, Allen Henderson, Mary 2 Jun 1825 Bibb
McKee, Daniel G. Bass, Nancy M. 10 Oct 1820 Clarke
McKelhena, James Rush, Martha 8 Sep 1820 Clarke
McKellar, Jesse Lea, Martha 4 Jan 1824 Perry
McKenney, John Ross, Nancy 30 Mar 1820 Lawrence
McKinley, John Armstead, Elizabeth M. 26 Feb 1824 Madison
McKinley, Midas Deane, Rebecca 10 Jan 1819 Clarke
McKinna, Nicholas Brown, Polly 29 Jul 1824 Morgan
McKinney, Jesse McGee, Sarah 3 Aug 1823 Tuscaloosa
McKinney, John Anace, Elizabeth 5 Jan 1818 Madison
McKinney, John Baker, Ellinder 3 Dec 1811 Madison
McKinney, John Lee, Elizabeth 5 Feb 1818 Madison
McKinney, John Spradlin, Mary 5 Jan 1819 Lawrence
McKinney, Lynch Wade, Susanah 2 Feb 1820 Lawrence
McKinney, Moses Rupe, Nancy 11 Feb 1824 Jefferson
McKinney, Patrick Kelley, Margaret 9 Jul 1821 Dallas
McKinney, Samuel Rogers, Rachael 27 Aug 1818 Madison
McKinney, William Beaver, Sally 21 Oct 1813 Madison
McKinney, William Brister, Alley 13 Jan 1825 Blount
McKinsey, Alexander Chisholm, Lucinda 11 Dec 1823 Lauderdale
McKinsey, Nicholas Brown, Amelia 14 Sep 1820 Madison
McKnight, James Jackson, Elizabeth 21 Aug 1825 Lauderdale
McLaughlin, James McCain, Keziah 20 Dec 1820 Shelby
McLaughlin, John Brinkoe, Peggy 7 Apr 1815 Madison
McLeheny, Allen Blankenship, Juda 16 Jul 1823 Madison
McLemore, Jesse Harper, Rebecka 25 Jul 1819 Montgomery
McLendon, Green Miller, Nancy 29 Dec 1821 Perry
McLeod, George Simpson, Mary 22 May 1822 Madison
McLeroy, Green Bell, Polly 18 Sep 1815 Madison
McLeroy, Martin Welch, Nancy 22 Dec 1819 Shelby
McLeroy, Micajah Simpson, Rachael 24 Aug 1815 Madison
McLeroy, William R. Smith, Mary 19 Dec 1825 Bibb
McLure, John Stinson, Elizabeth 8 Dec 1825 Clarke
McMahan, Richard McKinsey, Tabitha 27 Aug 1824 Lauderdale
McMahan, William Franks, Leah 20 Jan 1822 Lauderdale
McMahan, William Martin, Isabell D. 12 Nov 1825 Morgan
McMickin, Andrew Farris, Eliza 18 Sep 1823 Lauderdale
McMillan, Dugall Power, Elizabeth 24 Dec 1818 Madison
McMillan, John Morrow, Elizabeth 10 Jan 1821 Perry
McMillen, Matthew Wreen, Dianna 7 Apr 1825 Dallas
McMillian, Archibald B. Vines, Lucindy 22 Oct 1823 Bibb
McMillin, James Isbell, Jane 20 Aug 1823 Lauderdale
McMillion, Lemuel G. Freeland, Attemira 22 Jan 1824 Jefferson
McMillion, Nathaniel Carter, Nancy 11 Jan 1818 Baldwin
McMillion, William Campbell, Cathrine 9 Apr 1824 Greene
McMorrison, Robert Burrow, Mary 15 Feb 1825 Lauderdale
McMullin, William McKenneth, Sarah 7 Feb 1814 Mobile
McMurray, John A. Grayson, Elizabeth 28 Mar 1818 Madison
McMurry, Andrew Miles, Rachel 16 Nov 1825 Lauderdale
McMurtry, Joseph Holland, Nancy 20 Jan 1813 Madison
McNair, James Greene, Mary 1 Oct 1824 Morgan
McNamara, Michael S. Saucier, Hipolite 10 Dec 1820 Mobile
McNat, David Wilhelms, Kitty 4 Jul 1815 Madison
McNeely, George Jaggers, Nancy 3 Aug 1824 Madison
McNeely, James Erwin, Sally 3 Nov 1818 Madison
NcNeer, Duncan Campbell, Barbary 17 Nov 1819 Clarke
McNutt, Henry McNamee, Anna 22 Sep 1818 Lawrence
NcNutt, William Irwin, Betsy 25 Nov 1818 Lawrence
McPhail, Robert Fowler, Deborah 29 Jan 1819 Madison
McPherson, Daniel Davenport, Debyann 5 Dec 1824 Blount
McPherson, Lewis K. McPherson, Narcsa 7 Jun 1825 Blount
McQuarter, Francis Wilson, ??? 4 Feb 1816 Madison
McQueen, John Goodson, Emely 11 Dec 1822 Montgomery
McRai, Collin Denby, Gracy 20 Aug 1812 Baldwin
McRoberts, Archibald Blackburn, Mariah 11 Aug 1824 Madison
McSwain, James Burks, Elizabeth 2 Jan 1825 Jefferson
McVay, Hugh McAdory, Martha 2 Sep 1819 Madison
McVay, J. Smith, Rhody 7 Aug 1811 Madison
McVay, John Henderson, Permilla 20 Jun 1824 St. Clair
McVay, John Hughes, Nancy 21 Nov 1818 Madison
McWhirter, Moses Tatum, Elizabeth 10 Jul 1823 Greene
McWhorter, Benjamin Adams, Drucilla 6 Mar 1821 Jefferson
McWhorter, Benjamin Clardy, Mary 30 Sep 1819 Madison
McWhorter, John H. Adams, Jane C. 17 Oct 1822 Jefferson
McWhorter, Sylas Estill, Ruthy 31 Dec 1812 Madison
McWilliams, Archer Allen, Rhoda 17 Feb 1820 Madison
McWilliams, James W. Duff, Nancy 3 Sep 1824 Jefferson
McWilliams, James W. Hudson, Judith 21 Sep 1820 Jefferson
McWilliams, John Condry, Hannah 10 May 1821 Jefferson
McWilliams, Watson Whittington, Anna 27 Dec 1821 Jefferson
McWilliams, William Rodger, Betsy 2 Aug 1816 Madison
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