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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 Me

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Mead, Joseph H. Howard, Sally 18 Dec 1820 Dallas
Meadley, Bartholomew Collingsworth, Matilda 18 Feb 1822 Jefferson
Meadors, John B. Brazille, Mary 3 Apr 1824 Greene
Meadow, Ira Johnson, Elizabeth 11 Feb 1819 Dallas
Meanies, Joel Russell, Alrena 3 Nov 1823 Blount
Means, James Patton, Eliza 5 Jun 1823 Greene
Medders, Job Miller, Betsey Ann 11 Aug 1825 Bibb
Meddows, Jobe Porter, Hester 31 Dec 1821 Marengo
Medford, Isam Crawford, Roda 20 Jun 1822 Morgan
Medford, John Bryant, Margaret 4 Oct 1824 Morgan
Medford, John Cartwright, Roda 20 Jun 1822 Morgan
Medlin, Isaac Frost, Susannah 7 Sep 1822 Madison
Medlin, Thomas George, Frances 31 Dec 1823 Morgan
Medlock, William Stewart, Nancy 10 Feb 1817 Madison
Meek, John Penton, Mary 27 Jun 1814 Mobile
Meggs, William Tubb, Mary 1 Nov 1823 Perry
Meharge, Archibald Coker, Temperance 23 Aug 1823 St. Clair
Meharge, John Moody, Mary Y. 28 Sep 1823 St. Clair
Melton, Isham Hubbard, Sinthia 17 Jan 1825 Tuscaloosa
Melvin, James Woodard, Hannah 30 Aug 1816 Madison
Memphill, James Miles, Unicy 26 Jul 1820 Shelby
Mems, Joseph Weekly, Sarah 8 Jan 1821 Baldwin
Meredith, John Carmichael, Isabel 18 Jan 1821 Dallas
Meriwether, Willis Chiles, Judah 1 Nov 1823 Greene
Merredith, David Hodges, Sally 29 Jan 1811 Madison
Merrit, Charles Forsyth, Mary 3 Sep 1820 Mobile
Merrit, James Hudson, Nancy 5 Nov 1825 Tuscaloosa
Messenger, Ralph Montgomery, Charlott 9 Feb 1818 Madison
Methvin, Levi Massengale, Ann 23 Dec 1824 Madison
Michael, Adam Beasley, Fanny 31 Oct 1811 Madison
Micham, Roland Taylor, Cynthia 21 Nov 1821 Jefferson
Middleton, John Click, Isabella 29 Feb 1820 Jefferson
Middleton, Robert D. Reid, Catharine 18 Oct 1820 Jefferson
Midget, George Ryan, Jane 5 Aug 1821 Morgan
Miers, William H. Byerly, Sophia 30 Jul 1822 Dallas
Miles, Alexander Allen, Sally 29 Dec 1825 Lauderdale
Milhouse, Philip Vasser, Rebecca 11 May 1825 Dallas
Milikin, John Taylor, Jane 25 Sep 1816 Madison
Militon, Hezekiah Ellis, Nancy 16 Feb 1815 Madison
Millard, Nathaniel Mardis, Frances 20 Jul 1814 Madison
Miller, Abijah Bethea, Amanda 22 May 1823 Wilcox
Miller, Alexander Daughterty, Susan 22 Jul 1813 Mobile
Miller, David Phelps, Provey 9 Nov 1816 Madison
Miller, Henry McDonald, Sally 20 Jan 1820 Jefferson
Miller, Isaac Acklin, Louisa 26 Nov 1822 Madison
Miller, J. H. Walker, Sarah 19 Sep 1820 Marengo
Miller, Jacob Hambrick, Mary 14 Nov 1817 Madison
Miller, John Annon, Sally 28 Feb 1818 Madison
Miller, John Green, Jane 6 Apr 1824 Perry
Miller, John Hannah, Delila 26 Dec 1825 Madison
Miller, John Rogers, Mary Ann 24 Dec 1823 Madison
Miller, John Wright, Elizabeth 13 Jan 1824 Morgan
Miller, Josiah Mitchell, Margaret 12 Oct 1819 Madison
Miller, Moses McGaha, Rebecca 25 Dec 1824 Madison
Miller, Richard Bayless, Rebecca 14 Mar 1818 Madison
Miller, Samuel Snow, Martha 28 Feb 1819 Jefferson
Miller, William Phillips, Rebecca 22 Feb 1821 St. Clair
Millican, James Higginbotham, Jane 30 Jan 1816 Madison
Millican, John Millican, Nancy 8 Jul 1818 Madison
Millican, William Province, Anna 27 Nov 1817 Madison
Milligan, Houston Canada, Mary 16 Jan 1824 Morgan
Milligan, James Pate, Polly 13 Mar 1813 Madison
Milligan, Robert Morris, Alithee 10 Jul 1816 Madison
Millikan, Denton McWilliams, Kitty 3 Aug 1825 Madison
Mills, Henry A. Murray, Virginia 11 Mar 1824 Morgan
Mills, James Nations, Rebecca 22 Dec 1825 Blount
Mills, Timothy Reingeard, Mary Frances A. 12 Jan 1824 Baldwin
Milton, Andrew Weekly, Margaret 23 Dec 1819 Baldwin
Mimms, William Campbell, Sabina 23 Apr 1820 Clarke
Minnis, William Irwin, Elizabeth 14 Jan 1824 Madison
Mirick, Henry Goodwin, Betsy 20 Mar 1825 Jefferson
Mitchell, Abed Mitchell, Peggy 31 Dec 1814 Madison
Mitchell, Archibald Robinson, Ann 9 Nov 1821 Madison
Mitchell, Banks Greenhange, Mary 6 Sep 1809 Madison
Mitchell, Daniel Carins, Anna 30 Jun 1813 Madison
Mitchell, Daniel Young, Ruth Marlot 14 Feb 1820 Madison
Mithcell, David Mitchell, Sally 28 Aug 1823 Tuscaloosa
Mitchell, Drury Hoke, Rebecca 21 Nov 1817 Madison
Mitchell, Henry McCracken, Letty 14 Jan 1813 Madison
Mitchell, Jacob Irby, Mehittable 29 Aug 1822 Marengo
Mitchell, James Baker, Matilda 20 Dec 1821 Madison
Mitchell, James Millhouse, Elizabeth 24 Oct 1812 Madison
Mitchell, James Rice, Zega 30 Sep 1819 Madison
Michtell, Jeremiah Wolf, Elizabeth 8 Aug 1825 Marengo
Mitchell, John Latham, Nancy 22 Jul 1820 Blount
Mitchell, John Powell, Martha 12 Feb 1818 Madison
Mitchell, John Wilson, Nancy 17 Dec 1822 Perry
Mitchell, John N. Hutchinson, ??? 7 Sep 1825 Madison
Mitchell, Joseph Owens, Nancy 25 Sep 1823 Bibb
Mitchell, Richard Stone, Polly 14 Aug 1815 Madison
Mitchell, Stephen Howard, Mariney G. F. 18 Dec 1818 Montgomery
Mitchell, Thomas Starnes, Betsy 24 Jun 1824 Jefferson
Mitchell, Thomas B. Petty, Partheny 30 Dec 1819 Madison
Mithcell, William Lane, Sophia 21 May 1820 Marengo
Mitchell, William C. Durrett, Eliza 19 Nov 1825 Lauderdale
Mitchem, George Green, Mary 30 Apr 1819 Clarke
Mitchem, Hezekiah Clarke, Mary 26 Feb 1820 Clarke
Mitchison, Zanri Mitchel, Sarah F. 18 Jul 1820 Dallas
Mitchum, M. Cole, Elizabeth 8 Jan 1818 Mobile
Mitten, Jesse Hamn, Sarah 20 Jan 1825 Lauderdale
Mixon, Isaac Veasey, Clerecy 3 Nov 1819 Clarke
Mixon, Noel Jones, Sally 8 Apr 1819 Montgomery
Mize, Nathan R. Lowell, Polly 1 Feb 1821 Lauderdale
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