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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 Pi

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Pickel, Robert Aldridge, Sarah 23 Dec 1824 Tuscaloosa
Pickens, Joseph Brazleton, Salina 30 Dec 1818 Madison
Pickings, Andrew Perry, Ann 31 Mar 1825 Clarke
Pickings, Joseph Leach, Catey 14 Feb 1822 Clarke
Pickings, Moses Kirkham, Permelia 17 Dec 1815 Clarke
Pickings, Robert McIntyre, Margaret 4 Sep 1817 Clarke
Pierce, Abram Covington, Amy 27 Feb 1823 Dallas
Pierce, Aquilla Deloach, Nancy 4 Jan 1821 Jefferson
Pierce, David Little, Susanna 1 May 1823 Jefferson
Pierce, Riley Bass, Nancy 25 Jul 1821 Jefferson
Pierce, William McWilliams, Sally 14 Feb 1820 Madison
Pierson, Charley Vanerson, Sophia 24 Dec 1822 Lawrence
Piglott, James Lowell, Margaret 17 Jan 1821 Dallas
Pigues, George Spencer, Elizabeth 30 Jan 1823 Madison
Pilant, Kinchin Harrison, Anna 3 Oct 1818 Madison
Pillow, William B. Chisholm, Emily L. 25 Dec 1822 Lauderdale
Pinkham, George R. Bleeker, Eliza M. 26 May 1819 Mobile
Pinkston, James K. Moseley, Matilda 21 Jan 1822 Montgomery
Pinkston, Lucian Barton, Harriet 8 Nov 1824 Montgomery
Pippin, Peter Vaughan, Cynthia 7 Dec 1823 Blount
Pistole, Cainan Yarborough, Milly 12 Jun 1823 Marengo
Pitman, Joseph Perkins, Lucretia 25 Dec 1824 Mobile
Pitner, Elias Crowson, Sarah 6 May 1821 Shelby
Pitt, Jacob McDaniel, Eleanor 28 Jun 1821 Lawrence
Pittman, James R. Norton, Anna 23 Mar 1824 Henry
Pitts, Joseph Burnett, Polly 8 Mar 1818 Madison
Pitts, William Thompson, Rebecca 25 Jul 1817 Madison
Plant, Mobrey Easley, Sally 12 Oct 1819 Lawrence
Pleasants, James J. Bibb, Emila Julia 29 Jul 1824 Madison
Plowman, John Blockwell, Polly 1 Aug 1821 Lauderdale
Plumley, William Conway, Patsey 19 Dec 1813 Mobile
Plunket, John Moore, Jemima 14 Mar 1821 St. Clair
Pochell, Littlebury Williamson, Rutha 11 Dec 1822 Madison
Poe, Stephen Ringo, _____ 19 Aug 1815 Madison
Poesy, Morgan Wingate, Sally 1 Jul 1819 Dallas
Pogue, David Bosstick, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1816 Clarke
Poland, Nelson Moseley, Hannah 1 Aug 1820 Montgomery
Pollard, James Bibb, Louisiana 22 Apr 1818 Madison
Pollard, Joseph Ballew, Peggy 9 Sep 1818 Montgomery
Pollard, William Barlow, Joice 1 Mar 1820 Mobile
Polston, William McKee, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1824 Morgan
Pond, Stephen Carlisle, Nancy 5 Aug 1813 Madison
Pool, Roswell Roberts, May 3 May 1819 Madison
Pool, Samuel P. Morgan, Elizabeth R. 7 Apr 1823 Madison
Poole, William Avery, Zilpha 8 Nov 1824 Greene
Poor, George A. Owens, Alitha 12 Jul 1816 Madison
Poor, Martin Forbes, Polly 3 Nov 1816 Madison
Pope, Alexander Hanna, Ann 12 Sep 1825 Madison
Pope, Benjamin Wyatt, Elizabeth 1 May 1815 Madison
Pope, Burwell Cole, Jane 29 Jan 1824 Tuscaloosa
Pope, Callen McCullen, Betsey 22 Jan 1824 Montgomery
Pope, Jabez Pressnail, Clerriby 5 Jan 1822 Clarke
Pope, John Campbell, Elizabeth 30 Apr 1823 Madison
Pope, Thomas Thomas, Nancy 19 Nov 1816 Madison
Pope, Thomas A. Campbell, Rebecca J. 23 Nov 1819 Madison
Pope, William Lynn, Sarah 15 Jul 1822 Morgan
Porter, James Stegall, Nancy 2 Aug 1821 Madison
Porter, John Griffin, May 17 Mar 1823 Henry
Porter, John Watley, Mary 25 Nov 1824 Marengo
Portis, Ira March, Mary 20 Apr 1820 Clarke
Portis, Thomas Stewart, Sarah 18 Jan 1821 Clarke
Posey, Moses M. Case, Mary 17 Jul 1821 Blount
Poston, Zedekiah Roper, Martha 4 Jul 1814 Madison
Potett, James Borrow, Sarah 29 Jun 1819 Lauderdale
Potts, Isaac Black, Racheal 18 Feb 1818 Madison
Pouncy, Peter Phillips, Ann 6 Oct 1825 Montgomery
Pouncy, William J. Jones, Mary 1 Apr 1822 Montgomery
Pounders, Price Clemmens, Susannah 16 Jan 1817 Madison
Pounders, William Sharp, Sally 29 Oct 1814 Madison
Powell, David C. Crane, Eliza 29 Jan 1824 Blount
Powell, Edward Mason, Ann E. 18 May 1823 Madison
Powell, Green Tidmore, Patsey 3 Apr 1823 Jefferson
Powell, James M. Trailer, Nancy 20 Dec 1822 Perry
Powell, John Ballard, Elizabeth 5 Jun 1816 Baldwin
Powell, Thomas Field, Tabitha 24 May 1816 Mobile
Powell, Thomas Molton, Ann 28 Nov 1819 Montgomery
Powell, William Howard, Lucinda 4 Jul 1818 Montgomery
Powell, William A. Sale, Eliza 4 Jul 1822 Madison
Power, Holloway L. Meals, Elizabeth 22 Nov 1821 Madison
Powermore, Peter Macdonald, Nancy 6 May 1822 Morgan
Pownders, Price Nelson, May Jame 18 Nov 1819 Madison
Pratt, Absalom Dickson, Mary 7 Mar 1822 Bibb
Pratt, John Conway, Elizabeth 4 Dec 1823 Morgan
Praytor, John L. Frazier, Elizabeth 15 Mar 1823 St. Clair
Preham, William W. Love, Louisa A. A. 12 Aug 1816 Madison
Presnall, Elijah Heart, Hannah 7 Dec 1823 Marengo
Presnell, Robert White, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1825 Marengo
Pressnail, Absolem Level, Sarah 1 Feb 1819 Clarke
Preston, Isaac W. Davis, Sarah 17 Jun 1824 Tuscaloosa
Prewet, John W. Prewett, Nancy 13 Jan 1816 Madison
Prewett, Richard Burleson, Mary 20 Feb 1815 Madison
Prewit, Micajah Morgan, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1823 Tuscaloosa
Prexite, James Weston, Rosanna 27 Jul 1820 St. Clair
Price, Edmond Moore, Betsy 23 Apr 1818 Clarke
Price, Edwin Baldwin, Sarah 13 Nov 1823 Greene
Price, John Boykin, Susanah 28 Jan 1819 Clarke
Price, John Harless, Rebecca 10 Jan 1818 Madison
Price, Johnathan Martin, Elizabeth 16 Jul 1818 Montgomery
Price, Reddick Moody, Polly 13 Aug 1820 Madison
Price, Starling R. Ortree, Alsistis 1 Feb 1823 Bibb
Price, Thomas Russell, Sarah 18 Feb 1818 Madison
Prichard, Francis C. Clark, Elizabeth 13 Nov 1823 Madison
Priddy, Burrel Priddy, Winnifred 24 Nov 1824 Morgan
Priddy, Richard Walden, Peggy 17 Nov 1823 Morgan
Pride, Burton Miller, Elizabeth 3 Oct 1820 Madison
Pride, Thomas Gibson, Anna 2 Jun 1813 Madison
Pride, Thomas B. Sanders, Rebecca 15 Aug 1825 Morgan
Pride, William Milwee, Matilda 31 Mar 1825 Morgan
Prier, John White, Dicy 19 Jan 1820 Jefferson
Priest, James Couch, Polly 21 Nov 1809 Madison
Priest, John Green, Nancy 15 Sep 1822 Lawrence
Prince, Edward Cockburn, Esther 12 Jul 1821 Lauderdale
Pritchett, William Outlaw, Elizabeth 9 Jan 1823 Clarke
Province, John Laymen, Ann 30 Sep 1819 Madison
Province, Thomas Province, Sally 16 Sep 1820 Madison
Province, Thomas Stokes, Mary 29 Jan 1814 Madison
Prude, Joseph Jinnings, Merram 12 Feb 1824 Tuscaloosa
Prude, William McAdory, Celia 6 Apr 1823 Jefferson
Pruet, James Carter, Maria 24 Dec 1822 Lawrence
Pruett, William W. Cavett, Nancy 7 Aug 1816 Madison
Pruit, James A. Wilder, Nancy 28 Feb 1818 Madison
Pruitt, Absolem Hatley, Sarah 24 Nov 1823 Montgomery
Pugh, Burrell B. Smith, Barbary 18 Dec 1823 Clarke
Pugh, Elijah Johnston, Polly 22 Dec 1825 Clarke
Pugh, James Williams, Elizabeth 17 Nov 1822 Henry
Pugh, Jesse Robinson, Elizabeth 17 Jan 1815 Clarke
Pulliam, Jesse Campbell, Mary 15 Oct 1814 Madison
Purtle, George Kerr, Sally 19 Oct  1814 Bibb
Purvis, John Lovett, Elizabeth 11 Nov 1819 Madison
Purvis, John Parks, Mary 14 Dec 1819 Clarke
Puryear, Peter Glass, Nancy 18 Mar 1822 Lawrence
Putman, Francis Couch, Fady 14 Jan 1823 Morgan
Pyburn, Jacob Stapleton, Diodimie 13 Oct 1819 Baldwin
Pyrant, Francis Rogers, Reubin 7 Apr 1814 Madison
Pyrant, Richard Allison, Janning 7 Mar 1814 Madison
Pyron, William Hodges, Sarah 7 Mar 1814 Madison
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