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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 Ti

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Ticer, Thomas Fannon, Betsy 18 Dec 1822 Lauderdale
Tidwell, Eaden Roden, Nancy 1 Nov 1825 St. Clair
Tidwell, George Cornelius, Nancy 2 Dec 1825 Blount
Tidwell, Peter B. Tidwell, Jane 11 Jun 1825 Shelby
Tier, Daniel Kitrell, Harriet 2 Aug 1825 Greene
Tiffin, Joseph Kincheloe, Permelia 16 Sep 1824 Blount
Till, John Bumpos, Camilla 17 Jun 1824 Lauderdale
Tiller, Benjamin Tibbs, Ann 8 Nov 1821 Madison
Tiller, James Lane, Nancy 2 Feb 1820 Madison
Tillery, Henry Rucker, Frances 13 Aug 1825 Madison
Timmerman, Peter Hunnager, Polly 29 Aug 1822 Bibb
Tims, Benjamin Tims, Nancy 29 Apr 1824 Marengo
Tims, Nathan Bowdon, Elizabeth 9 Sep 1824 Greene
Tindel, John Ledbetter, Mary 19 Oct 1822 Henry
Tinkle, Harrison Croom, Susan K. 5 Nov 1818 Madison
Tinkle, John Browning, Sally 22 Jan 1820 Madison
Tippett, William Eiland, Amanda 2 May 1822 Perry
Tipton, John Burton, Betsy 22 Mar 1820 Madison
Tipton, Joseph Jr. Tipton, Anna 5 Mar 1820 Jefferson
Tipton, Samuel Cochran, Jenny 28 Jan 1821 Madison
Tipton, Shaderick Peters, Hannah 14 Nov 1816 Madison
Tipton, William R. Ray, Didima 10 Apr 1824 Morgan
Tison, William D. Pressnail, Sally 5 Oct 1818 Clarke
Todd, Haywood M. Chambers, Harriett E. 10 Nov 1825 Montgomery
Todd, John Williams, Milley 18 Feb 1821 Blount
Todd, Lewis Grice, Mary 27 Nov 1823 Dallas
Todd, William Monk, Rebecca 19 Apr 1823 Mobile
Toland, Isaac Neal, Delitha 24 Jun 1817 Madison
Tolliver, William Sands, Polly 29 May 1820 Madison
Toloner, Jacob French, Mary 19 Nov 1825 Dallas
Tomblin, William Cooper, Sarah 4 Dec 1825 St. Clair
Tomlinson, John Harmon, Lucretia 13 Mar 1822 Lauderdale
Tommy, Hiram McClure, Elizabeth 15 Apr 1821 Clarke
Toms, Benjamin Davis, Martha 3 Oct 1820 Lawrence
Toner, John Parris, Jane 4 Mar 1823 St. Clair
Toney, Harris Noble, Clarissa 3 Apr 1821 Madison
Toon, Tarver Anderson, Marcia C. 9 Jan 1823 Madison
Torbert, Cyrus Henley, ????? 29 May 1823 Greene
Toulmin, Theopholis L. Jusan, Armintha 13 May 1821 Mobile
Towbridge, Henry Campbell, Letitia V. 25 Apr 1819 Dallas
Townley, Richmond Lollar, Mary 30 Apr 1822 St. Clair
Townsend, Jarrard B. Gaggerty, Betsey 6 Nov 1821 Montgomery
Trainer, William Hays, Betsy 10 Feb 1822 Lauderdale
Trigley, George Walles, Anney 2 Jun 1818 Madison
Trimble, Archibald Glass, Margaret H. 9 Sep 1819 Lawrence
Trippe, Simeon Love, Sarah 13 Oct 1824 Clarke
Troope, Wyly Clark, Nancy 13 Jan 1825 Madison
Trost, Ephraim Carter, Lucady 7 Oct 1825 St. Clair
Trotman, William Huston, Betsey 7 Dec 1811 Madison
Trotter, John W. Weatherford, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1825 Lauderdale
Trotter, William Vandyke, Penelope S. 17 Jun 1821  Dallas
Trouillet, Peter L. Fisher, Marcellete 6 Feb 1819 Mobile
Trout, William Weatherly, Tamsey 23 Nov 1823 Lauderdale
Trout, William Wilson, Nancy 3 Jul 1823 Dallas
Truss, Enos Bradford, Tabitha 11 Feb 1822 St. Clair
Truss, James Dulaney, Priscilla 17 Dec 1822 Jefferson
Truss, John Truss, Nora 1 Jan 1822 St. Clair
Tubb, Joel C. Huff, Sarah 11 Oct 1822 Perry
Tubb, Richard Underwood, Nancy 12 Apr 1821 Perry
Tubbs, Thomas Stephens, Pamelia 21 Aug 1823 Perry
Tucker, Alexander Hall, Hannah 5 Dec 1820 Jefferson
Tucker, James Mayhew, Elizabeth G. 14 Mar 1825 Lauderdale
Tucker, Samuel Allen, Ann 11 Aug 1825 Morgan
Tucker, William Davidson, Mary 1 May 1824 Mobile
Tucker, Woodson Watters, Ally 16 Jun 1819 Madison
Tuggle, William James, Sarah 10 Feb 1825 Jefferson
Tully, Lewis F. Chaffin, Sarah 29 Jun 1823 Lawrence
Tunstall, John Windham, Polly 17 Feb 1820 Madison
Turnbow, James Dearbourn, Matilda 10 Oct 1821 Perry
Turner, Daniel B. Searcy, Susan B. 6 May 1822 Madison
Turner, Darby Taylor, Polly 3 Jun 1824 Jefferson
Turner, Jesse Brown, Margaret 6 Aug 1823 St. Clair
Turner, Jesse Carr, Lucinda 23 Dec 1824 Dallas
Turner, Jesse Gibson, ???? 28 Jul 1825 Henry
Turner, John Truss, Mary 24 Dec 1821 St. Clair
Turner, John Turner, Elizabeth D. 12 Jun 1818 Madison
Turner, John B. Turner, Chany C. 26 Dec 1822 Madison
Turner, John M. Brach, Maranda 13 Oct 1825 Montgomery
Turner, Lewis Kennedy, Augusta 24 Jul 1817 Clarke
Turner, Lewis B. Bishop, Awdra 1 Sep 1821 Jefferson
Turner, M. D. Martin, Susan 14 Jun 1825 Greene
Turner, Matthias Billingsly, Nancy 23 Oct 1820 Blount
Turner, Richard Wardlaw, Eliza 19 Jan 1825 Greene
Turner, Samuel M. Hawkins, Elmira 30 Jan 1825 Jefferson
Turner, William Wyatt, Polly 23 Sep 1820 Jefferson
Turneson, Royal Lanier, Catharine 12 May 1825 Madison
Turney, William Bain, Polly 9 Jun 1825 Morgan
Turney, William Deloach, Elizabeth 21 Oct 1824 Jefferson
Turpin, John J. Dillard, Evelina B. 2 Apr 1825 Madison
Turrentine, Thomas Skidmore, Anna 13 Apr 1823 Morgan
Tutt, James B. Rice, Elizabeth 24 Dec 1823 Greene
Twinder, John Smith, Polly D. 10 Feb 1817 Madison
Twinebrough, Stephen Clap, Polly 11 Aug 1813 Madison
Tyler, Henry Self, Sally 4 Mar 1819 Jefferson
Tyrone, Henry Walpool, Elizabeth 28 Jun 1819 Madison
Tyrone, John Parkman, Maria 1 Dec 1816 Madison
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