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Barren Co, KY Death Certificates 
 Mostly 1920-30's
**** Surnames J-R ****
NOTE** All spelling has been left as shown on documents.
Names: A-I Names: J-R Names: S-Z

JACKSON, Maisie, Female, White, Single, Age 4 months.  Born 5 Jan 1932 in Monroe Co, KY.  Died 5 May 1932.  Cause: Bronchial Pneumonia.  Physician: MD S. M. bowman.  Parents: Joe Jackson born Monroe Co, KY & Pearl Emberton born Monroe, Co, KY.


KERNEY, Carl D., Male, White, Age 3 months, 5 days.  Born 2 Mar 1931.  Died 8 Jun 1931.  Cause: Bronchial Pneumonia.  Physician: MD J. W. Aeton - Glasgow, KY.  Burial: Union #2.  Parents: William Kerney born KY & Annie Jane born KY.


KINGERY, Thomas Jordan, Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 63 years, 3 months, 11 days.  Born 29 Sep 1864 in KY.  Died 10 Jan 1924.  Cause: Typhoid Fever.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge - Glasgow, KY.  Burial: Holsclaw Grave Yard, 88, KY.  Parents: Wm Kingery born KY & Manda Ritter born KY.


KINGREY, Jacob Preston, Male, White, Single, Blacksmith, Age 72 years, 1 month, 20 days.  Born 1 Mar 1848 near Tompkinsville, KY.  Died 20 Apr 1920.  Cause: Unknown.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Note from physician: Saw him in short time after death about 6:30 p. m.  Burial: Union #2, Glasgow, KY.  Parents: Isaac Kingrey born near Tompkinsville, KY & Jamima Jackson born Tompkinsville, KY.


KINGREY, Laura, Female, White, Widowed - Jake Kingrey, Age 86 years, 18 days.  Born 25 Dec 1844 in KY.  Died 12 Jan 1931,  Cause: Chronic Intestinal Nephritis.  Physician: MD Biggers.  Burial: Union #2.  Parents: Hiram Webb born VA.


LESTER, H. H., Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 74 years, 11 months, 21 days.  Born 7 Mar 1844 in Wayne Co, KY.  Died 28 Feb 1923.  Cause: Parylisis.  Physician: MD L. C. Biggers.  Burial: Union Cemetery, 88, KY.  Parents: William Lester born VA & Polly Bertram born VA.


LYNN, J. M., Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 37 years, 1 month, 18 days.  Born 27 Nov 1866 in TN.  Died 15 Jan 1924.  Cause: Pentonitis (Appendecitis).  Physician: MC L. C. Biggers - Rt 4, Glasgow, KY.  Burial - Barbour Grave Yard.  Parents: Wash Lynn born TN & Martha Johnson born TN.


McCAULEY, Bertha, Female, White, Single, Age 8 years.  Born KY.  Died 29 Oct 1930.  Cause: Scarlet Fever and Rheumatism.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Shirley Burying Ground.  Parents: Ranza McCauley born KY and Huff born KY.


McFARLAND, Artemma, Female, White, Housekeeper, Age 70 years, 7 months, 6 days.  Born 3 Aug 1849 in KY.  Died 9 Mar 1920.  Cause: Heart Trouble.  Burial: Eighty Eight, KY.  Parents: D. C. Travis born TN & Malicia McGee born TN.


MAGGARD, George W., Male, White, Married - Malissa D. Maggard, Age 76 years, 3 days.  Born 27 Jun 1854 in KY.  Died 1 Jul 1930.  Cause: Chronic Perendmynitis Nephritis.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge.  Burial: Maggard Cemetery.  Parents: Henry T. Maggard & Francis E. Smith.


MATHEWS, Iva Mitchel, Female, White, Single, Housekeeper.  Age 19 years, 1 month, 10 days.  Born 22 Mar 1922 in Barren Co, KY.  Died 22 Mar 1922.  Cause: Pneumonia (Flue).  Physician: MD M. T. Bigger - Rt 4, Glasgow, KY.  Burial: Poplar Springs, 88, KY.  Parents: Irah Mathews born Barren Co, KY & Gertie Francis Piercy born Barren Co, KY.


MATHEWS, Mary Green, Female, White, Married, Housekeeping.  Age 48 years, 21 days.  Born 8 Mar 1872 in KY.  Died 29 Apr 1920.  Cause: Anemia.  Physician: MD L. C. Biggers.  Burial: Poplar Log, Glasgow, KY.  Parents: A. R. Starr born TN & Nancy T. Cary born KY. 

MATHEWS, Narsis Francis, Female, White, Wid, Age 84 years, 11 months, 11 days.  Born KY.  Died 11 Jul 1929.  Cause: Old Age.  Burial: Stout Graveyard.  Parents: Ephraim B. Stout born KY & Jocie R. Buckley born KY.


MATHEWS, Stella, Female, White, Born 3 Jul 1935  - Rt 4, Glasgow, KY.  This was a still borned baby, cause of death unknown.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge.  Burial: at home.  Parents: Roy Mathews born 88, KY & Eunie Rigsby born 88, KY.


MEDLEY, Caroline, Female, White, Wid - Mose Medley, Housekeeper, Age 76 years, 10 months, 29 days.  Born 26 Oct 1852 in KY.  Died 25 Sep 1929.  Cause: Heart Dropsy (no physician).  Burial: Perkins Cemetery.  Parents: Joseph Perkins born KY & Nancy Whitlow born KY.


MEDLEY, Malcom Paul, Male, White, Single, Farming, Age 19 years, 10 months, 26 days.  Died 18 Jun 1930.  Cause: Acute Indigestion with worms.  Physician: MD S. M. Bowman.  Burial: Falmby Cemetery.  Parents: Leslie Medley born KY & Ada Perkins born KY.


MEDLEY, Wilborn Arthur, Boy, White, Single, Age 4 months.  Died 14 Jul 1931.  Cause: Bowl hives.  Physician: MD Dr. Palmore.  Burial: Randolph.  Parents: Arthur Medley & Cristene Pedigo.


MILLER, Alvin Cullum, Male, White, Widower, Farmer, Age 75 years, 8 months, 19 days.  Born TN.  Died 16 Jan 1921.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Summer Shade, KY.  Burial: Refuge, Rt 4, Glasgow, KY.  Parents: Ampshire Miller born TN & Bernettie McGee born TN.


MILLER, Sallie, Female, White, Widowed, House work, Age 83 years, 10 months, 16 days.  born 30 Nov 1848 in Barren Co, KY.  Died 16 Oct 1932.  Cause: Infirmities of old age.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Union Cemetery.  Parents: Henry Holsclaw born Barren Co, KY and Lucinda Holloway born Barren Co, KY.


MILLER, Sarah, Female, White, Widowed, Age 83 years.  Born 7 May 1845 in TN.  Died 2 Oct 1928.  Cause: Uremia.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Refuge.  Parents: Dave Travis born TN & Malissa McGee born TN.


NORMAN, Lindsay D., Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 54 years, 9 months, 3 days.  Born 25 Mar 1868 in Kentucky.  Died 28 Dec 1922.  Cause: Cardiac Dillitation.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge - Rt 5, Glasgow, KY.  Burial: White Cemetery, 88, KY.  Parents: S. T. Norman born KY & Nancy White born KY.


NUNNALLY, Milton Quincy, Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 89 years, 8 months, 15 days.  Born 18 Sep 1831 in KY.  Died 3 Jun 1921.  Cause: Old age.  Burial: Nunnally Yard, 88 KY.  Parents: John B. Nunnally born VA & Elizabeth White born VA.


OLDHAM, William Luther, Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 57 years, 6 months, 8 days.  Born 31 Jul 1865 in Kentucky.  Died 9 Feb 1923.  Cause: Pneumonia (Flue).  Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Nobob, KY.  Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery.  Parents: I. Sam Oldham born KY & Kate Gill born KY.


OLIVER, John F., Married - Lucy Oliver, Farmer, Age 79 years, 1 month, 9 days.  Born 14 Feb 1852 in Barren Co, KY.  Died 23 Jan 1932.  Cause: Chronic Perlmonary Tuberculosis.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge.  Burial: Union No 2.  Parents: George Oliver born Tenn & Mary Jackson born Monroe Co, KY.


PARISH, John Ernest, Male, White, Single, Farmer, Age 16 years, 5 months, 22 days.  Born 4 Feb 1907 in KY.  Died 26 Jul 1923.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: 88 Cemetery.  Parents: Dee Parish born KY & Mary I. Ford born KY.


PATRICK, Dorthy Pearl, Female, White, Single, Born Barrne Co, KY.  Died 1931.  Cause: Born dead.  Burial: Glasgow, KY.  Parents: David Patrick born Slick Rock & Hassie Cross born Mud Lick, KY.


PAYNE, Louisa Ann, Female, White, Single, Housekeeper, Age 86 years, 3 months, 22 days.  Born 9 Nov 1834 in Scott Co, VA.  Died 28 Feb 1921.  Cause: Old age.  Burial: Refuge, EightyEight, KY.  Parents: J. P. Payne born VA & Susan Lewis born VA.


PAYNE, Nancy, Female, White, Single, Age 88 years, 2 months, 11 days.  Born 26 Nov 1840 in VA.  Died 5 Feb 1929.  Cause: Influenza.  Physician: MD L. C. Biggers.  Burial: Reffuge Cemetery.  Parents: John Pl Payne born VA & Susan Lewis born VA.


PAYNE, Rachel, Female, White, Single, Age 85 years, 8 days.  Born VA.  Died 25 Nov 1930.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Physician: MD L. C. Biggers.  Burial: 88 Cemetery.  Parents: Barber Payne born VA & Susan Lewis.


PORE, Roy Jr., Male, White, Single, Born Barren Co, KY.  Died 10 Mar 1923.  Cause: Influenza.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge - Rt 5, Glasgow, KY.  Burial: Reffuge, 88, KY.  Parents: Roy Cliford Pore born KY & Martha Ada Bushong born Monroe Co, KY.


PROFIT, Sciata, Female, White, Housewife, Age 77 years, 11 month, 19 days.  Born 18 Oct 1843 near Summer Shade, KY.  Died 7 Oct 1921.  Cause: Infirmaties of old age.  Patient also had large abdominal tumor.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Summer Shade, KY.  Parents: Jim Tudor born KY.  Parents: Gee born KY.


PURSLEY, Lou Jean, Female, White, Single, Age 1 year, 6 months.  Born Jan 1927 in KY.  Died 17 Jul 1929.  Cause: Ileoealitis.  Physician: MD C. C. Turner.  Burial: Stout Graveyard.  Parents: J. S. Pursley & Mattie Stingfield born KY.


RICHARDSON, Mrs. Fannie, Female, White, Widowed, Age 74 years, 6 months, 7 days, Housekeeper.  Born 8 Nov 1847 in Metcalf Co, KY.  Died 15 May 1922.  Cause: Hemiplegia.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge - Rt 5, Glasgow, KY.  Burial: Huffman Cemetery, 88, KY.  Parents: Braxton Miller born KY & Polly Cox born KY.


RIGSBY, Lura Belle, Female, White, Married - B. T. Rigsby, Age 63 years.  Born 1 Oct 1866 in KY.  Died 11 Nov 1929.  Cause: Pulmonary T. B.  Physician: MD Clifton Richards.  Burial: Poplar Log.  Parents: A. W. Elheton: born KY & Belle Sidebottom born KY.

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