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Birthdate Calculator - Calculates birthdate from death date and age of death in year-month-day format.


What happened this day in history? - select a date and get a FREE report of what happened on that day!


Genealogy Search Engine Page  - A free search treasure trove!

Find the best places on the www to search for ancestors and people.



GenWed.com - A growing directory of marriage records.  Find all the FREE marriage records online!


Recommended!   FREE Genealogy Charts - Download these professional charts to help you document your family's heritage.  Several different charts offered and they are top quality.


Recommended!  Free Publications from NARA - Find out what the National Archives and Records Administration has to offer.


Recommended!  Census Years Reference Chart - To find out what information the U.S. government collected in a particular year, see this handy chart.  Includes all census years 1790-1920.  A great tool, you will reference often in the census research of your ancestors.  Another good resource is Census Findings - Census Questions for each census year.


Family Bible Transcriptions - A new and growing resource containing hundreds of Bible transcriptions.  The families found in these Bibles which have been sold on EBAY, have to belong to somebody!  I wish it was me.


Recommended! GenForum Genealogy Message Boards - Absolutely the best genealogy message boards online.  Search and post queries for thousands  of surnames.  If they don't have your surname, ask them to list it!


Links to all the FREE census online.

Find the census records you need!

Family Tree Brick Walls - Read and post queries about our brick wall ancestors.  We all have em!
Recommended!  RootsWeb Genealogy Search Engine - The search engine that searches RootsWeb! 
Family Finder Name Search Page - Search the vast genealogy resources at Genealogy.com!  The search alone can tell you a lot about where to look for your ancestors.
Build Your Family Tree Online Free! - Begin building your family tree online instantly today with this free service offered by Ancestry.com.
Free Irish Surname Search  - Database of Irish Surnames and their originations.  
Scottish Genealogy Search - An assortment of links and search engines to help you locate Scottish ancestors.
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Gedreporter Software - FREE software download.  These folks have created a great genealogy product and are giving it away FREE!  A must-see!


Gedcom Viewer - Now you can see those gedcoms you downloaded from the internet!


Relationship Chart - An electronic chart to help you determine how everyone is related.  Once removed?  Twice removed??  Figure it out here.


Search the Social Security Death Index - A Free searchable database.


Read newspapers over 150 years old with a Historical Newspapers Free Trial at Ancestry


Bygones - A basic genealogical notekeeping system for genealogists with laptops.


Soundex Machine - automatically converts your surnames to soundex code!


Prison Search - Free directory of prison and sex offender search engines including old prison databases.


People Finding Resources - A page devoted to finding missing persons, relatives, and ancestors.  The best FREE resources are included on this page.


Search National Phone Books!


You just might turn up a new cousin!  I have used this tool to locate descendants of my ancestors, in other words...my distant cousins.  

It's FREE to search.

People Search

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Last Name *

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Genopro - FREE genealogy software.


dMarie Time Capsule - fun!  What were the headlines?  What was the #1 music recording on your birthday?


Register to win GenStuff Giveaway!  - WIN a FREE genealogy mouse pad, mug, bumper sticker, or customizeable, suitable for framing, family tree print!  AND even more prizes coming soon!


Free Form Letters  - for writing to other countries and also census extraction forms.


Free Genealogy Newsletter! - Receive genealogy tips, links, tips, news, stories and more.


Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness (RAOGK)  Lookup Volunteers in each state.  Request FREE lookups.  Sign up to help others with lookups if you have access to resources. (CURRENTLY OFFLINE)


Research Room at Nara, where you will learn how to obtain records from the National Archives.


Inflation Calculator - Compare what your ancestor's money was worth way back when to now.  INTERESTING!


Dave Wilkes Free Gedcom Server - Gedcom publishing.


World of Names - Surname Mapper - Type in a surname you'll get a map of the United States showing the distribution of people with this surname in the United States.  Have fun!


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* Web Ferret helps you find web sites fast.  I love it!  Download it free.



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Great places to find hundreds of genealogy links too.




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