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Black Hawk County, Iowa Marriages A      

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Important Note:  This index is not complete!  Do not assume that your ancestor did not marry in Black Hawk County, simply because you did not find them in this database.  These are scattered years that were taken from various sources including reader submissions.

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GROOM BRIDE DATE Mg. Book & Page #
Ackerman, Charles J. Kennison, Blanche 30 Oct 1900  
Ackerman, Earnest Perry, Adella 19 Dec 1905  
Ackerman, Edward J. Stark, Susan E. 4 Nov 1901  
Ackerman, Frank Gerton, Maude 28 Mar 1907  
Ackerman, George Roller, C. 2 Sep 1868 B330
Ackerman, John H. Dusk, Lotie 24 Jul 1904  
Ackerman, Joseph George Tegtmeier, Ida 25 Feb 1908  
Ackerman, William Weekley, Isabel 11 Sep 1901  
Ackerman, Wm. J. Foust, Louisa 24 Sep 1888 K145
Adams, Albert Foye, Margaret 24 Nov 1875 E85
Adams, G. W. Foye, Jennie 1 Dec 1875 E91
Ahrenkiel, George Nielsen, Nettie K. 14 Oct 1884 I200
Ackermant, William Jorgenson, Anna B. 12 Jun 1902  
Allard, Matt Mattingly, I. C. 17 Jul 1875 E5
Allard, Walter H. Gusbard, Emma 6 Jan 1890 K429
Altland, Jacob Fitch, Belle 27 Sep 1871 C24
Amlong, Chester Scroggy, D. 9 Jun, 1875 D454
Anderson, Peter Auschitz, Anna 21 Sep 1870 B462
Angele, Wm. McStevens 1 Sep 1879 E436
Arildjsen, Lars Knjer, Karna 29 Aug 1870 B524
Arnat, Fred S. Krussman, ?? 19 Feb 1875 D391
Arthur, James E. Campbell, Ella L. 13 Jan 1887 J280
Ausburn, John A. Murphy, Susie Kellogg 22 May 1884 I146
Austin, ? Ackermant, Mary J. 29 Oct 1881  
Austin, Charles A. McQuilkin, Ida Dot 12 Jun 1906  
Austin, D. C. Campbell, Harriet 8 Jun 1857 A2-51
Austin, David Frank Griffity, Edith 7 Aug 1901  
Austin, Herman Flickinger, Fannie C. 25 Sep 1907  
Austin, Jesse Arthur Pierce, Hattie E. 21 Mar 1903  
Austin, Jessie A. Mahnke, Hattie 6 Mar 1908  
Austin, Joseph P. Shane, Mazie L. 2 Jul 1900  
Axtell, Reuben Ochs, Minnie 20 Feb 1888  

Surnames:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I-K  L  M  N-O  P  Q-R  S  T  U-Z

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