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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records A

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

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Kentucky Marriage Records at Ancestry

Surnames Index

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Abbett, William Clark, Harriett 22 May 1832
Acres, Thomas Bush, Patsey 14 Jan 1802
Adair, Alex Monroe, Elizabeth W. 19 Jan 1815
Adams, Hardin C. Mansfield, Mary Ann 9 Feb 1837
Adams, Thomas B. Donan, Anny 20 Dec 1830
Adams, William Kinslow, Margaret 5 Jan 1815
Addams, John Gillock, Betsey 14 Sep 1810
Aden, John Ritter, Narcissa 28 Oct 1847
Akers, George Goodman, Susannah 3 May 1804
Akers, George Lowry, Polly 17 Nov 1811
Akers, Isaac Elliott, Lucinda 7 Aug 1809
Akers, James McGinis, Balinda 29 Dec 1836
Akers, John McGinnis, Elizabeth 8 Apr 1830
Akers, Thomas White, Susannah 31 Dec 1812
Akers, William Fisher, Rebeckah 9 Nov 1825
Akin, Garland Brockman, Lucy M. 25 Sep 1839
Alexander, James M. Barton, Mary 24 Jan 1844
Allen, David Dougherty, Polly 2 May 1810
Allen, David Chocker, Mary An 2 Aug 1818
Allen, Elijah Cardin, Dicy 21 Nov 1825
Allen, Joel Gardner, Jemima 22 Jul 1800
Allen, John Perkins, Anny 7 Jul 1800
Allen, John Perkins, Sally B. 26 Nov 1840
Allen, John W. Roberts, Caroline E. 4 Feb 1838
Allen, Samuel Jameson, Polly 6 Jan 1820
Allen, William Howser, Kitty 26 Jul 1810
Allen, William Wright, Adaline 30 Sep 1824
Andrew, William Bell, Elizabeth W. 1 Mar 1829
Apperson, Peter Petty, Elizabeth 18 Nov 1817
Armstrong, Elijah Cox, Martha A. 3 Nov 1840
Armstrong, James Mayfield, Nancy 21 Nov 1827
Armstrong, John S. Reynolds, Elizabeth 17 Feb 1831
Arnett, David F. Allen, Elizabeth 17 Oct 1847
Arnett, James Short, Eliza Ann 17 Oct 1822
Arnold, Henry Glass, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1836
Arnold, Lewis Perkins, Sally 4 Nov 1839
Arnold, William Marr, Mary 1 Jan 1840
Arnold, Willis E. Delph, Polly Ann 10 Oct 1841
Asbury, John A. Estes, Virginia A. 21 Dec 1842
Ashley, Josiah Smith, Kitty 13 Nov 1838
Anderson, Abner Runyon, Nancy Ann 14 Oct 1847
Anderson, Andy B. Sibley, Hannah B. R. 25 May 1847
Anderson, Barker T. Bell, Sally 22 Mar 1826
Anderson, Barton Jewell, Martha Ann 20 Dec 1838 or 1839
Anderson, Charles S. Hall, Prudence S. 17 May 1846
Anderson, David Drake, Salley 1 Mar 1804
Anderson, David Barton, Sally 4 Jun 1810
Anderson, Isaac Clement, Patsey 3 Nov 1816
Anderson, James Clark, Sally 27 Jul 1826
Anderson, James Miller, Sally 26 Mar 1829
Anderson, James French, Salema 6 Feb 1836
Anderson, James M. Hall, Mary Jane 11 May 1842
Anderson, John Finney, Frankey 29 Mar 1801
Anderson, John Walker, Georgia Ann 10 Nov 1829
Anderson, John G. Murray, Betsy 25 Oct 1804
Anderson, John H. Spotswood, Ann L. 28 Oct 1810
Anderson, Jordan Veach, Polly 29 Jan 1816
Anderson, Joseph Terry, Betsey 6 Feb 1817
Anderson, Nathan Lyon, Amanda R. 13 Feb 1846
Anderson, Robert Goodall, Adaline 30 Nov 1820
Anderson, Samuel Gatewood, Arstelley 24 Mar 1814
Anderson, Samuel B. Dale, Sally 13 Oct 1832
Anderson, Washington Jewell, Mahala 14 Dec 1835
Anderson, William Gentry, Nancy ?? Nov 1809
Anderson, William Hamilton, Polly G. 31 Oct 1811
Amos, Aquilla Wilson, Rich 28 May 1814
Amos, Charles Bird, Polley 29 Dec 1803
Amos, Erasmus Smith, Nancy 16 Apr 1813
Amos, George W. Cole, Mary Jane 8 Jan 1846
Amos, Johnson Middleton, Jane 3 Jun 1839
Amos, Ransom Amos, Polly 24 Mar 1803
Amos, William Pulliam, Betsey 9 Apr 1808
Ammons, Eleazor Bright, Dolly 11 Mar 1807
Ammons, Michael Young, Martha 6 Nov 1806
Alley, Nicholas Hill, Tempy 2 Nov 1815
Allie, Merrell Stephens, Sallie 11 Nov 1809
Allie, William Hill, Anny R. 7 Jan 1820
Ally, Buford Evans, Susanna 17 Mar 1808
Allengham, George Feland, Rutha 14 Sep 1820
Ashworth, James Ennis, Mary 6 Mar 1834
Ashworth, Joel Conyers, Hannah 13 Feb 1827
Ashworth, William Ennis, Eliza 29 Dec 1832
Astin, James Lock, Margarett 13 Apr 1837
Astin, Charles C. Lock, Nancy 17 Sep 1839
Astin, James Lock, Margarett 13 Apr 1837
Atkinson, John Johns, Elizabeth L. 6 Mar 1833
Atkinson, John W. Baldwin, Gerusha H. 15 Feb 1826
Atkinson, Jospeh B. Martin, Mary 25 Jan 1848
Atkinson, Stephen Roberson, Francis 15 Feb 1826
Aton, Isaac Walkit, Elizabeth 4 Dec 1814
Atterberry, Isaac Doddy, Elizabeth 15 Sep 1827
Atterberry, James Bernard, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1827
Atterberry, Stephan Ellis, Martha Jane 8 Jan 1825
Atterberry, William P. Glazebrook, Susan A. 30 Sep 1827
Atwell, Alexander Jewell, Nancy 22 Nov 1843
Atwell, John T. Houk, Sarah 30 Dec 1830
Atwell, Richard Jewell, Sally 28 Aug 1832
Atwell, Richard Bastin, Martha B. 1836
Atwood, Thomas J. Francis, Mary 26 Feb 1841
Asbourn, Henry Lough, Alley 20 Dec 1809
Austin, James Hall, Sally 21 Feb 1832
Avery, David Jett, Mary 9 Feb 1813
Surnames Index

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Li   M   Mc   Me   N   O   P   Pe   Po   Q   R   Ro   S   Sk   St   T   Ti   U-V   W   We   Wi   Wo   Y-Z

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