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Castle Thunder 

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Castle Thunder Prison     Large Photo     Castle Thunder Courtyard     Castle Thunder Negative

Castle Thunder, originally a tobacco warehouse, was located on Carey Street in Richmond, Virginia.  The prison was guarded very closely due to the nature of it's prisoners.  Spies, political prisoners and those charged with treason, were held within the prison walls and they were of extremely rough character.  It was reported:  "even Southerners fear this loathsome place".


Reportedly, the prison guards were brutal in their treatment of prisoners and in fact an investigation was ordered in 1863 to look into the conduct of Captain George W. Alexander, the commandant of Thunder Castle Prison.  He was charged with harshness, inhumanity, tyranny, and dishonesty, however the charges were dropped after the investigation.


At the close of the Civil War, the U. S. Government used Castle Thunder to incarcerate Confederates who were charged with war crimes.

There does not seem to be much information available on this subject.  If any of you has more information about Castle Thunder, please contact me.

Prisoners of Castle Thunder     If you have an addition to this list, contact us.
Fitzgerald, William Davidson, A political prisoner in Castle Thunder Prison, Richmand, VA.  He was a Union sumpathizer during the Civil War.  Born 1811 in Nelson County, VA and died 1863 at Castle Thunder Prison, Richmond, VA.  William Davidson Fitzgerald composed a ballad called Freedom's Banner.
Walker, Dr. Mary Edwards, Assistant Surgeon, 52nd OH Infantry.  Captured on April 10, 1864 and imprisoned at Castle Thunder for four months.  Exchanged on August 12, 1864.  Born in Oswego, NY on November 26, 1832.  She received the Congressional Medal of Honor.  See more at: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker and Mary Edwards, Civil War Doctor.
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