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Texas Siftings
of February 1893
Extracted from The Fort Worth Gazette

These newspaper articles of the name "Texas Siftings" come from The Fort Worth Gazette published in 1893.  They mention many names and events in Texas including obituaries.  I find them to be interesting reading if you are interested in Texas history.  Information found in these articles can give some insight into what our Texas ancestors endured, the things that were weighing on their minds and what they were concerned about when they settled in Texas.  Spelling has been left as found in the articles.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be aware, there are clippings from all over the state included in these, so don't be put off by the fact that they were copied from Dallas and Tarrant County newspapers.  

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February 16, 1893
The Brownwood bar endorsed Hon. John W. Goodwin of that city for one of the judges of the new courts of civil appeals.

About 4000 bales of cotton have been received at Belden up to date.

A finish fight for $250 will be seen at Galveston during this or next month between W. M. Kelly and D. Cannon.

The body of William Post who was drowned in the bay at Galveston some days since, has been recovered.

The Galveston Tribune says that County Clerk Augustus Wakelee has just received three canes as a souvenir of Hood's Texas brigade.  They were cut by Dr. J. M. Scott, from near the stone set up on the Wilderness battlefield in Orange county, VA., near the line of Spotsylvania county, marking the spot where Hood's brigade "held up" Genreal R. E. Lee when he was going in with them in their famous charge of May 6, 1864.

D. E. Rooker is a candidate for city marshal of Paris.

The fine weather in the Panhandle is making the wheat climb skyward.

Vernon is making a hard struggle for one of the proposed new courts of appeals.

The Crosby county News says that the farmers of that county are plowing for a larger crop next year.

A car load of Chinamen recently passed through the Panhandle, in route from China via San Francisco to Galveston, there to take passage to Cuba to work under contract on the sugar plantations of the West Indies.

More mechanics are in demand at Quanah.

Childress is infested with burglars.

The wheat acreage in Floyd county is surprisingly large.

It is probable that an ex-Confederate camp will be organized at Memphis.

There are several cases of pneumonia in Hartley.

February 17, 1893
Thos. J. Allen Jr. and William Machtleben?, who are encircling the world on bicycles have arrived at El Paso.

Jack Dresscal, Paul Foley and James Hagerman were brought to Paris and lodged in jail, charged with selling whiskey in the Territory.

El Paso Herald - The Methodists have inaugurated something new in El Paso.  Different committees will be appointed by those conducting the revival to go around and hold prayer meetings, at private residences.  This is done for the benefit of backsliders and those who can not get away from home duties to attend meetings at the church.

The wheat crop of Fisher county is growing remarkably well.

Father O'Connor, S. J., began a mission at the Henrietta Catholic church yesterday.

Henrietta is going to send a large delegation to the inauguration convention at Wichita Falls on the 22 next.

There is talk of a convention of Smith county farmers being called to assemble in Tyler at an early date, to determine among themselves what they will do relative to the acreage of cotton to be planted this year.

Chester Haile and Welford Wilson, two Austin boys, have written a melodrama which promises to be a success.  A prominent theatrical manager has the play in his hands, and will place it on the stage at an early date.

Greenville Banner - If the coal discovered at Lone Oak proves what is claimed of it, it will be worth more to Hunt county than a half dozen railroads.  In fact, it would revolutionize manufacturing in North Texas, and put us in a position to offer inducements to capital city to cause them to invest in factories here.

A stock show will be held at Calvert on May 10 and 11.

February 18, 1893
The public schools of Temple will be re-opened on Monday.  They have been closed on account of the existence of supposed cases of scarlet fever.

Dr. Spaulding, a prominent physician of Kimball, suddenly disappeared from his home last Sunday and he has not been heard from since.

The Fannin county fair will be held at Bonham from Oct 3 to 7, Inclusive.

A carload of eggs left Brenham a few days since for New York.

The oat crop around Coleman escaped injury from the late cold weather.

A vicious cow, which showed all the symptoms of hydrophobia was killed at Brenham yesterday by a police officer.

Albert Haberie has discovered a body of meteoric iron near San Antonio and much interest has been excited in scientific circles over the find.  It is estimated that the weight of teh extinct meteor is 20,000 pounds.  Prof. Gustave Jermy, a geologist, has just completed an assay of the iron, writing as follows: In hundredths, 97.5 per cent pure iron, 2.5 per cent nickel, and traces of cobaltum.

C. L. Grant, near Itasca, has brought suit against the Western Union Telegraph company for $2000, says the Hillsboro Mirror.  It is alleged that on the death of his sister, Mrs. Terry at Brandon, Jan 23, a message was sent to him at once and was received by the operator at Itasca on the same day, but never delivered and it was not until he called for in on Feb. 6, that he received it.

Will Ellis, a prominent young man of Whitney, has mysteriously disappeared.

The Hillsboro Mirror is making a strong pull for a county fair for Hill county.

Contractor Truett left Laredo yesterday with ten persons, bound for the Huntsville penitentiary.

Halletsville Herald:  The latest development in the case of Zedolph Davis, the negro who is under conviction and sentenced to death for rape, is the refusal of Judge Kennon to pass sentence upon the culprit.  It is said that under the circumstances, the facts will be laid before the governor, who will appoint a special judge to pronounce the sentence.

February 20, 1893
The Epworth League of Beeville is caring for those who are not able to care for themselves.

Bonham News - Our merchants all report an unprecedented cash trade for the season since Jan 1.  Many say their January trade was better than any of the fall months.  This certainly indicates that the people of the country are in a better condition financially than they have been before in the past four or five years.

Grimes county farmers are putting in a great many acres of cotton.

Mesquite Mesquiters Never in the history of the state has cotton seed been in so great demand and brought such enormous pricas as it has this winter.  The season opened at the usual price - $5 to $7 per ton, and has been gradually advancing till the mills are anxious to get seed at any price, and have this week been offering $17 per ton on the track at this place.

Pneumonia is prevalent at Itasca.

The San Marcos Era will be six months old next week.

Oat sowing is in order around Muenster.




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