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Texas Siftings
of August 1893
Extracted from The Fort Worth Gazette

These newspaper articles of the name "Texas Siftings" come from The Fort Worth Gazette published in 1893.  They mention many names and events in Texas including obituaries.  I find them to be interesting reading if you are interested in Texas history.  Information found in these articles can give some insight into what our Texas ancestors endured, the things that were weighing on their minds and what they were concerned about when they settled in Texas.  Spelling has been left as found in the articles.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be aware, there are clippings from all over the state included in these, so don't be put off by the fact that they were copied from Dallas and Tarrant County newspapers

August 4, 1893
Typhoid fever prevails to some extent in Limestone County.

The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Hotel at Cameron has been completed.

The Gillespie County crop is a complete failure on account of dry weather.

The miller fly has made its appearance on the cotton farms near Colbert.

Orange County farmers report a large yield of rice in that county this season.

It is estimated that the damage to cotton in Washington County by the drouth will be about 33 1/3 percent.

The Confederate Veterans of Madison, Grimes and Brazos Counties held a reunion at Madisonville yesterday.

K. J. Cash who shot and killed Robert Earl at Quintana recently, after a three day's examining trial has been refused bail.

Thirty-one cars of watermelons, 25,000 canteloupes and 400 dozen chickens were shipped from Alvord to Kansas City last month.

A very successful camp meeting is being conducted at Caldwell: more than 1000 people were in attendance last Tuesday.  There have been 105 conversions to date.

Gustave Sloan found a handsome pearl in an oyster shell at Velasco yesterday, which is the third largest pearl found there this year.  Two others were found by negroes, who sold them for $85 and $50. 

At Cameron, Aug 1, Rev. Jas. Peeler, 75 years of age, was married to Mrs. Fannie Scrock, aged 50.  The groom is a prominent Methodist minister, well known in Central Texas, and the bride is the widow of the late Captain Scrock of Milam County.

The following fourth-class postmasters have been appointed in Texas:  Alexander, Erath County, Mary M. Harris, vice J. S. Watson, removed; Blackjack Grove, Hopkins County, R. N. Holderness, vice W. K. Davidson, removed; Hagerville, Houston County, T. R. Smith, vice J. P. Hager resigned; Mesquite, Dallas County, O. W. Gross, vice J. M. Ebrite, removed; Round Timber, Baylor County, N. D. D. Dycus, vice N. N. Atmar, resigned; Round Top, Fayette County, A. V. Rosenberff, vice W. L. Schultz removed.

August 5, 1893
A German camp meeting is being held at Willow Creek, Mason County.

Eleven new brick homes are now in course of construction at Taylor.

The Coleman-Fulton Pasture company are boring for artesian water in San Patricio County.

The name of Breckenridge, a station on the Aransas Pass railroad, has been changed to Falls City.

The capital stock of the Lone Star Brewing Company of San Antonio has been increased from $100,000 to $200,000.

Casper Beall, a wealthy citizen of Kerrville, is dead, aged 60 years.  He was one of the most noted German citizens of Texas.

The new $50,000 court house at Llano is completed.  It is of brick, three stories high, with trimmings of granite and marble.

Two 12 year-old boys at Velasco, captured a tarpon recently which measured six and a half feet in length and weighed 116 pounds.  

Worms are destroying the cotton in Wilson County.  Farmers are making no efforts to poison them, as they claim the low price now offered for cotton does not justify the expense.

Mr. Edward Denike has been appointed receiver for the Minerva Colliery Company, which operates extensive coal mines for Webb County.  This action is said to be due to a disagreement among the stockholders and not because the company is insolvent.

An old abandoned mine was discovered recently in Buchel County by a party of hunters from San Antonio, which shows evidence of having been worked by Spaniards or Indians years ago.  A human skeleton was found in one of the tunnels of the mine.  

Mr. S. A. Burney write to the Gazette from Evant, Coryell County, saying "I noticed in the Gazette of the 28th last, it stated that cotton in Coryell County was a failure, and corn would not make much.  I live in the dryest part of the county and can say that there will be plenty of corn and prospects for cotton are good, if we can get rain soon.

August 6, 1893
Sneak thievs are working Tyler.

Lexington is clamoring for a hotel.

A stave and head plant is soon to erected at Orange.

A Mexican lion is killing stock in Grayson county, near Denison.

A rousing campmeeting is being conducted near Henderson.

The new Masonic temple at Jacksonville is nearing completion.

Rain is badly needed in Hunt County, in the vicinity of Lone Oak.

A number of new residences and business houses are going up at Cresson.

The Adventists will establish a college in Johnson County, five miles east of Cleburne.

At Terrell, Thursday, Mrs. A. Herman was badly gored by a cow.  She will recover.

The infant child of Ned Finney of Terrell drank concentrated lye, and is in a dangerous condition.

A carload of peaches was shipped from Henderson last Tuesday.  Another will follow next week.

There have been several deaths from diptheria recently in Collin County, in the vicinity of Rock Hill.

A hard rain fell in Rockwall County the past week, which it is believed will save the cotton crop in that section.

The colored people of Colorado County are holding an enthusiastic and largely attended campmeeting at Oakland.

Near Winsboro, the 12-year-old son of Mr. J. Castle was kicked by a vicious mule, from the effects of which he died soon after.

While unloading wood near Wetmar, Mr. James McMillen was bitten by a copperhead snake.  Prompt medical attention saved his life.

The Lion River Baptist Association will hold its twenty-eighth annual meeting at Gatesville, beginning August 20 and lasting three days.

August 8, 1893
Burglars are operating at Brenham.

A colored normal is in session at Beaumont.

The new steamer Dura was launched at Orange Saturdy.

Work has commenced on a new Baptist Church at Berclair.    

Hempstead is shipping a carload of watermelons daily.

There will be a grand Peoples' party picnic at Fowler Aug. 12.

The recent hard rains in Falls County have saved the cotton crop.

The Texas Tram and Lumber company shipped 422 cars of lumber last month.

E. I. Angle, while running a sawmill near Linden fell across one of the saws cutting off his right arm.

The certainty of getting two new railroads in the near future is causing a boom in real estate at Jasper.

Mrs. Belt of Yoakum was thrown from her buggy by a runaway horse, and is in a precarious condition from injuries received.

At his home in East Denison, a man named Dennis was bitten by a water-mocasin, which he drew up in a bucket of water from a well.

Lemmie Merritt, son of J. H. Merritt of DeLeon, was accidentally shot with a gun in the hands of a companion named Gentry.  His recovery is doubtful.

The skeleton of a man which was found at Eagle Lake in the extreme eastern part of the Chickasaw nation is believed to be that of Bill Raines, a young man who worked on the farm of a respectable farmer on the Nation, who disappeared mysteriously several months ago.  His name is not known.

A negro woman is circulating among the colored people of Lyons exhibiting at so much per exhibit a bottle of the "water of life" which she claims to have discovered by divine revelation.  By incantations and prayers, she causes all kinds of Bible scenes to appear on the water which can be seen through the bottle.

August 11, 1893
Claude is to have a new school house.

Hunt County has only three inmates in the county jail.

Greenville is endeavoring to organize a military company.

Miss Julia Daunbauer of San Antonio has been pronounced insane.

A new seaside hotel at Corpus Christi is one of the probabilities for next season.

Tonsellitis is epidemic at Shiner.  Three children of G. Altman, died from the disease.

Mrs. Eliza Brown, mother of Hon. I. H. Brown of San Marcos, died Friday, aged 80 years.

The son of Mr. Jim Patterson of Richland, while bathing in a tank, was drowned.  He was 12 years old.

Near Caddo Mills, J. C. Lewis, a young married man 22 years old, and highly respected was drowned while bathing.

Mr. Mike Fowler, a Travis county farmer, recently reported as temporarily insane on the subject of religion, is recovering.

At Omaha, the 11-year-old son of Mr. Jap Petty, fell thirty-four feet into an abandoned well.  The only injury he received was a broken leg.

Mr. J. I. Hendrick of Omaha was bitten by a pilot snake he was attempting to remove from his well.  No serious results are apprehended.

Workmen hauling sand from an Island in the river near Laredo exhumed an old flint-lock musket, full cocked, loaded, and primed.  The stock was partially petrified.

Joe Fricker Jr., son of Joe Fricker, a well known citizen of Victoria was fatally wounded by the accidental discharge of a gun in the hands of Rob Fay, a playmate.

Large quantities of peaches and pears are being marketed at Orange.  The fruit is brought from Jasper and Newtin counties, some of it being hauled over eighty miles in wagons.

The Excelsior Cotton Manufacturing company near Cuero, is making 1250 yards of cotton ovnaburgs ? daily, which are sold as fast as they are made.  They expect to double the output in a few days.

Hutton claims a hermit in the person of one Paul Muenshoff, a German 42 years old, who has lived alone for the past two years in a cabin on the outskirts of the town.  He is said to have subsisted on bran alone for several months.

A post-mortem examination of a rattle-snake killed near Roberta recently by Mr. M. B. Abbott, revealed the fact that the snake had recently swallowed a half-grown coon.  It was eighteen inches in diameter before the coon was removed.

The body of Mrs. Cory Dobbings, wife of a well known farmer of Van Alayne?, was found in the well near her residence.  It is supposed that while drawing a bucket of water the pulley gave way, and she was thrown forward into the water.

The following fourth-class postmasters have been appointed in Texas; Blackwood, Newton County: D. J. Lee, vice M. J. Lohr, resigned: Canadian, Hemphill county, J. B. Arrington, vice George Ford Jr., resigned: Ditworth, Gonzales County, J. M. Buckham?, vice A. Twitty, resigned.




Have you found information in Texas Siftings that helped you in your research?  Drop us a line.  We love to hear about your "finds".

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